How to Store Jumpers

28th March 2024

Jumpers are among the most comfortable winter wear pieces, but keeping them organised in the closet can be a pain. Even in stores, as soon as one person pulls a sweater the whole pile can come tumbling down. Whether you’re stowing your knitwear away in spring or getting it out for autumn, keep reading to discover the best tips on how to store jumpers.

1.Use the Filing Method 

One of the best and easiest ways to store jumpers is to use the filing method. All you have to do is fold your sweaters like you would normally and place them vertically inside drawers. To help you stay organised, you can use a colour-coded scheme which also makes it easy to get ready in the morning. And if you’re looking to stay on top of your budget, you can even create a capsule wardrobe using the filing method.

2. Master the Hanging Technique

Hanging sweaters can cause the fabric to stretch or the fabric to misshapen. But if you nail the technique, hanging can be the most effective way of storing jumpers. Instead of hanging up sweaters as they are,  you’ll have to fold them correctly. First, you need to fold the jumper vertically so that the arms lie against each other. Then place the hook of the hanger in the triangle section between the arms and the body of the sweater, and fold them to form a cross. Hanging jumpers in this manner will save space on your wardrobe rail and will also help you stay organised.

A woman sitting on a sofa and smiling as she unpacks a beige jumper.

3. Layer on Shelves for a Boutique Look 

Autumnal home health checks cannot be completed without getting out the jumpers. If thick, oversized jumpers are your style, layering them on open shelves is one of the best ways to store them. Tucking bulky jumpers into a drawer can damage the fabric and is also space-consuming. By stacking them on open shelves, you can create a boutique look in your closet and also free up your drawers. To avoid jumpers from toppling over, avoid stacking them more than one foot high. As with the filing technique, you can use a colour-coded scheme or create a capsule wardrobe. 

4. Invest in  Drop-Front Boxes 

For fancier fabrics such as cashmere, boxes are the best way to store jumpers. Drop-front boxes are a great investment as they allow you easy access to individual sweaters. They’re also available in transparent options allowing you to see the contents inside. Depending on how tall your wardrobe is, you can stack them on top of one another and still keep your jumper crease and dust-free.

5. Utilise Hidden Storage 

If you’re getting your home ready for the summer and have run out of room for storing sweaters, check out all the hidden storage options in other areas of the house. Ottomans in the bedroom are a great option for storing jumpers. If you’re considering getting a new one, find one that matches the style of your bed. Alternatively, if you’ve got a wooden chest, wrap your sweaters individually in tissue paper to prevent the fabric from coming into contact with the wood before storing. If you’re choosing a wooden chest, go for a cedar one as they’re naturally moth-repelling. 

A collection of knitted Christmas jumpers.

Knowing how to store jumpers can help you keep your wardrobe organised and make your life a little less stressful. For more information on closet organisation and clothing storage, check out our blog on storing seasonal clothes properly

If you’re looking for alternative storage solutions, get in touch about our self-storage facilities in London, Essex, and Sussex.