How To Properly Store Seasonal Clothes

24th September 2020

With the summer season coming to an end, it is time to put away some of those t-shirts and shorts and start thinking about your winter wardrobe. Winter means we will be getting out our large winter jumpers and coats, which occupy a lot of space in our wardrobes. This means that your summer clothing will likely have to go back into storage for the winter season to free up some space. It is tempting to simply throw everything into a big suitcase and forget about it but this isn’t always the most practical way of storing your clothing. We have come up with a guide on how to properly store seasonal clothes.

Clean Clothing Before Storing

One of the common mistakes that people make is they store away their summer clothing without making sure that it is clean first. We can all be guilty of wearing something for an afternoon and not washing it because it isn’t dirty. But these clothes often end up back in the wardrobe or drawers and we can forget that they have been worn before. Any dirty marks can stain if left for a long time and smells can also attract insects or moths so it is important to make sure that your clothing is properly cleaned before it goes back into storage for the season. It is also thought that because clothes can get dusty and smell during storage there isn’t a need to clean them, but cleaning them first will mean you keep your garments in the best condition possible!

Ditch Plastic and Cardboard

Many people when storing clothing choose to use plastic or cardboard storage boxes to store their belongings. Although you might think that cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, they are not great for storing clothes. This is because they can trap moisture in your clothing and lead to damp and mildew, as well as yellowing. This can also attract insects and moths which can further damage your clothing. The ideal storage for any clothing is linen or cotton storage bags as this material is breathable and won’t trap in moisture to your clothes. Something like the following from MUJI is perfect.

Folding or Hanging Clothes?

Another question that people have when storing their clothing is whether they should hang or fold their clothes. Although we usually hang our clothing in the wardrobe, it is often much better to fold clothing if you are storing it for long periods. When clothing is hung and not worn for extended periods, it can actually lose its shape and crease. Folding clothes is also much better for saving space when storing clothes as you don’t have to invest in temporary wardrobes. Store your clothes in dark and dry areas such as under the bed or in the loft if it isn’t too damp in there.

These are the top three tips on how to properly store your seasonal clothing and can help to keep your clothing in the best condition. If you are concerned about moths then a great alternative to toxic mothballs is using sachets of lavender. Although it smells great to humans, insects and moths in particular hate the smell of lavender so this is a great solution to moth balls which can be very toxic to pets.