Archive Storage

If you are looking for offsite archive storage, we provide the perfect solution to meet your business document storage needs. Although a lot of business is done online today, there are still many businesses that require the use of physical documents and information. There are a number of reasons that a business might require physical copies, such as for legal contracts and wills or for data protection purposes. Whatever you need to store documents for, we can help.

What is Archive Storage?

Storage archives are used to preserve important physical data so that you have a record of important things, like payments or customer details. Many businesses still rely on physical records that have been archived rather than opting to store these digitally. This will ensure the information is not digitally compromised or lost.

How Long Can I Keep Archive Documents?

There are different laws that govern how long you should keep documents, but you might need to keep records for up to 6 years, in case of a lawsuit relating to breach of contract. If you work in a business where there is the possibility of a professional negligence claim, you should keep archived files indefinitely. It is in these circumstances that many people still prefer the storage of physical copies, rather than relying on cloud storage for their important information.

Where Should Archives Be Kept?

Some businesses keep archive data on site, normally in an office, but this can drastically reduce storage space. This is a particular problem for large businesses that keep hold of a lot of data. Offsite archive storage allows you to store documents securely away from your office, meaning you can control who has access to these documents. Our storage facilities are monitored with 24/7 security surveillance and state of the art protection. Another benefit of our storage facilities is that all units are climate controlled so that there is no risk of weather or water damage on any of your archive data.

Make Space Archive Storage Benefits

One of the main benefits of storing your items with Make Space Self Storage is that your documents will be secured offsite and completely secure in our facilities. We have excellent opening hours 7 days a week so that you should always have access to your documents when needed. Our facilities offer a wide range of room sizes that can be increased if you need more space for your document storage. We provide discounts for long term storage but our terms are flexible, so you can leave whenever you need to.

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