Warehouse Storage

Benefits of Warehouse Storage

If you’re a business looking to store your stock or overflow items, warehouse storage can provide the perfect storage solution for you. A wide range of warehouse space is available at Make Space, along with everything you could need to help your business, including:

  • Open 7 days a week: Immediate move-in also available.
  • No fixed term: You can use our warehouse storage for as long or as little as you need.
  • Convenient locations: Our sites have easy access and plenty of parking.
  • 24-hour monitored security: You hold the only key to your items.
  • Flexible sixes: You can up-size or down-size as your business needs require.
  • Staff on-site: We can accept or send off deliveries on your behalf
  • Bulk discounts: The more you store, the more you save.
  • Warehouse Equipment: Trolleys, pallet trucks, and sack trucks available for your use.

How Much does Warehouse Storage Cost?

If you are looking for warehouse storage in the UK, it can be available from as little as £5 per sq. ft. of storage space. Make Space provides large storage units and warehouse size spaces for all kinds of businesses. Renting part of a space or a smaller unit can be much cheaper than renting an entire warehouse if you don’t need the whole space. You can even get a free instant online quote based on your requirements.

Exterior shot of Make Space warehouse storage

Warehouse Storage Options

Businesses typically choose to buy or lease commercial warehouse space. These are expensive options, even for large companies, and leased spaces are typically inflexible, both in terms of the lease and in the layout of the warehouse. 

Warehouse storage for rent with Make Space is affordable, flexible, and secure. It’s a modern solution to problems with warehouse space, including the following:

Seasonal Demands

Times of peak demand or the seasonal ebb and flow of products could mean that large areas of warehouses go unused for months at a time. For any company, this waste of space is also a waste of money. At Make Space Self Storage, we never want you to pay for more than you need. We have a wide range of warehouse spaces and you are free to size up or down your warehouse space at any time, meaning your stock will always be in the right-sized warehouse.

Time and Accessibility

If your warehouse storage is strictly to store overflow stock items, it may not always be possible to man the warehouse space when deliveries need to be collected or sent out. Here at Make Space, our warehouse storage units are open 7 days a week, and our on-site staff are always on hand to accept or send off deliveries on behalf of your staff. We also provide drive-up units at two of our locations.

Expensive Stock

Depending on what kind of business you run, you could be concerned about leaving stock of high value in rented warehouse storage. This can be a huge factor putting business owners off warehouse storage. However, with Make Space, your warehouse space will be under the protection of 24 hour monitored security and your company will have the only key, meaning your items are as secure as possible with us. Furthermore, all our warehouse units are clean and dry, meaning your items will be kept in perfect condition.

Inventory & Admin

Inaccurate records of what is currently being stored in a warehouse unit can lead to a myriad of problems. Employees being sent to collect items that aren’t there or items being dropped off to completely full warehouse spaces are just examples. Our affordable and flexible office spaces to rent and free Wi-Fi services mean that updating records and administration tasks are easier than ever. For a fixed fee, you are free to use office space as much or as little as you need.

Damaged Goods

Nobody likes to receive damaged goods. Delivery of unsatisfactorily packaged goods can easily lead to unsatisfied customers and a drop in revenue for the company. Make Space offers an affordable range of Boxes and Packaging Supplies to ensure your stock items are as safe as possible, both while in storage in our warehouse storage or while in transit to their destinations.