Storage for Collectibles

From antiques to stamps, collections and collectibles are completely personal. Whether you collect items for their value, collect things that are sentimental to you, or simply have inherited collectibles from previous generations, they can be of great importance. To preserve their value or to protect treasured memories, your collections need to be kept in perfect condition. 

You may find that collectible storage in your home is not adequate for more fragile collections, such as glassware or antique paper products. When collecting larger objects, like antiques, you might find that your daily life is swamped by clutter around the house. Make Space Self Storage solutions can help.

Best Way to Store Collectibles

The best way to store collectibles is to make sure that you have a well ventilated space that is dry and free of clutter. Storing collectibles away in boxes and rooms that are too cold or damp could damage the condition of your items. Direct sunlight and high temperatures are equally as likely to cause damage to precious items. Our storage  rooms are the best way to ensure that your belongings remain in pristine condition.

Flexible Terms

If you are unsure about keeping your collections, particularly if they are taking up large amounts of space in your home, self storage could be a great solution. You might find that by having your collectibles out of the house, you will then be in a position to decide whether you could sell or part ways with the collection. Equally, you may find that you can’t bear not having your precious items around you. 

With Make Space, you can store collectibles for as long or as short term as you need. Whether you need a little space for a weekend, a month, or longer, self storage is the perfect and affordable solution.


In many cases, collectible items can be worth a lot of money. Whether your collection is important to you because of its monetary value or on a more personal level, it’s important that collectibles are kept safe. Collections of Pokémon cards, stamps, dolls, coins, and more can add up to be worth thousands, if not more. If you choose our storage for collectibles, you will own the only key for your storage unit. Not only that, but your items will be under 24 hour monitored security, meaning that they are totally safe from prying eyes.

Range of Room Sizes

Here at Make Space, we understand that you can’t predict the future. It can be hard to decide the future of your precious collectibles and whether the collection will grow or shrink. Regardless, we never want you to pay for more than you need. With our wide range of storage unit sizes, you are free to upsize or downsize your storage unit to suit your requirements at any stage. 

Use our Room Size Estimator to get an idea of how large your storage unit should be before getting a quote for your storage. And with our lowest price guarantee, you can be sure that you’re getting the most affordable secure storage for your items.