Storage for Online Business

Running an online business involves many moving parts. Without a physical premises where business is done and deliveries are shipped from, a significant amount of upfront cost can be saved. Many new or small businesses simply cannot afford to acquire or lease large warehouse spaces to store their stock.

It could be difficult making enough space in your home to store all of your products and stock. Trying to squeeze stock into your garage space or house can lead to damaged items and lower profit margins. That’s why we provide storage for online businesses and other online retailers to expand the levels of stock you can carry.

If you are a new online business or small eBay retailer then you will likely not have enough stock to acquire a large warehouse space but will still need to expand the amount of storage space that you currently have. Without a dedicated space, you are forced to keep stock around the house, cluttering rooms and minimising space in your home. With everyday household activities, there is every chance that stock could be damaged or lost. And with this mix of work and personal life, creating a healthy work-life balance while keeping the online business afloat can be a difficult task. 

Self Storage Benefits for Online Retailers

If you are planning on expanding your online business, there are a number of benefits to self storage units that you should consider. With a range of different sized storage units and flexible terms, you can store whatever you need from stock items to documents and invoices. Make Space Self Storage provides the perfect middle ground for online businesses and you can make use of the following benefits:

  • No long term leases and short exit periods

  • Zero maintenance costs or property taxes to pay

  • Flexible storage space requirements without penalty

  • Complete control on costs with one fixed price

  • Stress free access to your space with no hassle on property management

Online Retailer Storage Size

We have online retailer sizes ranging up to 250 sq ft, which is enough to store the contents of a 5 bed house. This means we have plenty of storage to store all of the stock for your online business. We offer favourable storage prices and rates for long term business customers too.

Distribution Hub

Another major benefit for using self storage spaces to help manage your online business is that we provide a collection service. This means you can order stock directly to your storage unit and our staff will take in the delivery for you. This means you don’t have to make sure you are in when your stock arrives and leaves you free to go about your business. 

Flexible Term and Size

As previously mentioned, all of our business storage units are fully flexible in terms of storage size and terms, which is perfect for eBay small business and online retailers. If you need to increase your storage size to incorporate even more stock, we can arrange this. Also, if you need to downsize your storage as stock levels are lower this is not a problem. We have short exit periods and you can always extend your storage period with us.


One of our biggest concerns at Make Space is making sure that all of our units are fully secured and your belongings are safe in our care. That’s why all of our sites are monitored with 24/7 CCTV so you can feel at ease knowing your belongings are safe. Unlike some sites and properties where you will have to provide your own security, this is all included in your costs in storing with Make Space.

Access 7 Days a Week

If you need to access your belongings during the week or the weekend, all of our storage units are open 7 days a week with good trading hours. This means that you can access your storage unit whenever you need to. If you work during the week then you can access your stock ready to distribute on the weekend.

Flexible Office Space

If you need office space for your online business outside of storage, we also provide flexible offices at our Billericay and Horsham storage locations to meet your needs. This can take your eBay business to the next level, with office space to pack and fulfil orders, answer calls or any other tasks that you need to carry out.