Storage for Moving House

Storage For Moving House

You can use storage when moving house as a way to ease the stress and be prepared for your move-in date. The final exchange date can often get delayed or moved and having things packed and stored nearby can make your moving day run much smoother. It can allow you to move essential furniture like beds and wardrobes into your new home without the additional clutter of boxes. 

The moving process is daunting enough, so we understand that using self storage during your move might seem like another step in the already complex procedure. But with prior planning, storing just some of your belongings can make your move a lot smoother and allow you to move into your new home at your own pace.

Moving House

Pack before moving day

The amount of work that you and your family will need to do on moving day can seem like a scary thought. If you choose to use self storage, this doesn’t have to be the case. Self storage can allow you to pack up your non-essential belongings weeks, or even months, before moving day. A more gradual process of packing up your house can alleviate stress while allowing you to be more organised. This way, less items will be accidentally broken or lost, and you can pack in a way that makes sense to you. To ensure that all of your belongings are as safe from damage as possible, our range of affordable boxes and packing supplies are available to buy at our store locations. 

Move In at Your Own Pace

When you have moved into your new home, self storage can be a great help in letting you unpack as and when you want to. If the rooms need a bit of TLC or DIY improvements before your furniture is installed, your belongings can stay in our secure units until you’re ready for them. Instead of having to unpack everything as quickly as possible to be able to relax in your new home, you can unpack little by little. Unpacking at your own pace will let you create the rooms exactly how you want them, making your moving in day that little bit more exciting. 

Display a Decluttered House for Sale

Being able to pack the majority of your belongings and clutter well in advance of your move will also make selling your current home much easier. House viewings are far more likely to lead to an offer being placed when your house is well presented. Without the bulk of your items, people can imagine their own belongings in your rooms. Leaving as much room for imagination as possible is recommended. And the sooner you have sold your house, the sooner you can move into your new home!

If you need tips on decluttering or organising your home, our blog is  full of advice on everything from health checks for your house to how to declutter before moving.

In Between Stages or Delays

As you plan your move, you will find that the dates might not add up. This could mean that there is a gap between moving out of your old house and moving into your new home. While you can stay with nearby family or friends or check into a hotel, your furniture and belongings can’t do the same. Planning to store all your belongings in self storage units can account for this risk and ensure you know where everything is at all times. You can visit your unit as often as you want, 7 days a week. And if your plans change, our flexible leases can accommodate your needs.

Furthermore, with a chain of houses being bought and sold, there is the possibility that something along the line could fall through. This could leave you in limbo, in which case knowing all your furniture and personal items are in safe, secure, and great value storage can be a huge weight off your shoulders.


If you are moving into a smaller home, you might find that you can’t fit all your belongings into your new property. For a low weekly cost, our storage units are equipped to store those items you just can’t get rid of. And with our conveniently located storage locations that you can access 7 days a week, you can change your mind or add items to your unit at any time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a free quote and use our space estimator to get the right storage unit for your needs and bridge the gap between selling and buying your home.