Get Your Home Ready for Summer

14th May 2021

Summer is finally coming. Some news I think we all need after a very long, dark and drab winter, in which we all spent too much time at home and not enough time with friends and family. So now there’s even more of a reason to get your house in tip-top condition this summer in preparation for some much-needed company. 

If you’re stuck there thinking about how to prepare for summer this year then don't fret, we have provided a few points to help you get started along the way to transforming your home this summer. 

Swap Your Wardrobe

You know the drill by now, when you’re preparing your home for summer one of the first things on the checklist is to pack away the big, heavy jumpers and coats and replace them with all your t-shirts, shorts and other summer getup! When you start to swap out your winter wardrobe it’s also a brilliant opportunity for you to stop and check what you don’t really need. Especially if there are certain winter clothing that you’ve hardly worn in the last year it might be worth throwing them out to make room for more, when winter comes back around. 

Need a little extra storage to help put away your winter wardrobe? Perhaps we could help you. We have a selection of different sized storage units that could be ideal for providing a safekeep for any items you don’t immediately need this summer, from accessories to bulky items of clothing. 

Switch The Bedding

Just like you swap to your summer wardrobe, it’s time to switch to your summer bedding. As the days grow longer and the nights don’t get as chilly as they once did, it provides the perfect time to ditch to thick duvets and wooly blankets. Try and opt for something a little breezier and free flowing - you can always keep a light throw nearby in case there are any chilly nights, which in the UK isn’t a complete impossibility.

Clean The Windows

When the sun is shining and the weather is blinding it provides the perfect time to give your windows a much needed clean, inside and out. With the summer months bringing a break in the damp and cold weather (usually), it means you can get the windows wide open to give them a deep cleanse without the fear of bringing the temperature right down in the house. 

Give Your Garden Some Maintenance

Take the time to give your garden a little love and care after the brutal cold that comes with the winter months. Trim back some of the overgrown bushes, cut the grass, replant some flowers to allow them to grow better in the warmer months, fix any gaps in the fence, sweep the patio, clean the decking and tidy away any clutter you may have had laying around whilst it was too cold and wet to deal with. After all, you want your garden to be a place you can sit out and enjoy the sunny weather with friends and family. 

Get the BBQ Fired Up 

Everyone loves a good summer cook-up, but before we can get that far you’ll have to take the timeout to give your barbecue a deep clean. Clear it of any dirt and grime that may have built up over the last year or last time you used it. Once you’ve been able to wipe away all the grease and tough dirt, then it’s time to get the family round for the long-awaited family dinner that’s been put on hold over the last year.