Billericay’s Green Spaces: Parks and Nature Reserves

12th April 2024

As the spring season dawns, Billericay’s parks and nature reserves are transformed into lush green havens full of colour and life. Be it the buzzing wildlife at Lake Meadows Park or the fun farm activities at Barleylands, there are a host of green spaces for you to explore in this town. Keep reading to discover the best parks and green spaces in Billericay for your days out with the kids.

1. Lake Meadows Park 

With a fishing lake, towering trees, and a host of events running throughout the year, no wonder Lake Meadows is the most popular park in Billericay. It has become so popular that a leisure centre was incorporated into the area, complete with a swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling, skating, a cafe, and plenty of outdoor play areas for kids and adults.

2. Hanningfield Nature Discovery Centre 

Is The Wind in the Willows a family favourite? If so, you can bring the story to life by taking your kids on the Hanningfield Reservoir’s Wind in the Willows sculpture trail. Grab some crayons from the visitor centre and venture into the Wild Wood full of sculptures representing the characters. Each of these have got brass rubbings at the end so you’ll have a collection of artwork by the time you come out of the trail. Just don’t forget your trail map!

Bluebells carpeting the forest floor at Norsewood Nature Reserve, Billericay.

 3. Norsey Wood Local Nature Reserve 

Dotted with Sweet Chestnut, Oak, and Hornbeams, Norsey Wood is a haven for nature lovers. In 1976, the Basildon Council bought it to prevent housing development in the area. Since then, it has turned into a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) with a variety of plant and animal life thriving in the reserve, contributing significantly to local biodiversity conservation efforts. Nearly 60,000 people visit Norsey Wood each year: some to walk their dogs, others to study the wildlife. The place offers something for everyone. 

4. Barleylands Farm Park 

At Barleylands, you'll be immersed in nature and creativity throughout your visit. This Billericay park is ideal for kids due to the host of activities it has to offer. From rural farming to sheep racing as well as discovering birds of prey, there’s no end to the fun at Barleylands. A tractor ride through its fields is one of the most enjoyable winter activities in Billericay, meaning merriment lasts through the seasons. 

5. Mill Meadows Nature Reserve 

One of the best things about Billericay is that green spaces are dotted throughout town. Just a stone’s throw from the town centre lies the Mill Meadows Nature Reserve. The hilly terrain offers a moderately challenging walk if you’re up for it! There are marked trails as well making it perfect for runners. Although you’re not allowed to cycle on the reserve, there are cycle hoops at the Chapel Street entrance for you to park your bike.

Autumn leaves on trees at Lake Meadows Park, Billericay.

Billericay’s parks and green spaces are truly a gem in the Essex countryside. If you like the sound of these nature reserves and are wondering if Billericay is a nice place to live, we’ve covered all the necessary information in another blog post. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to move to the area or already live here, we have a self-storage facility in Billericay ready for you.