Is Billericay a Nice Place to Live?

26th July 2023

Essex is a hugely popular place for people of all kinds to move. With plenty of open spaces and pockets of green to explore, as well as excellent transport links to London and further afield, it’s not hard to see why. But choosing to move to Essex brings its own host of extra decisions - the first being, where exactly should you live?

There are countless charming towns and picturesque villages in Essex, and it’s hard not to mention Billericay. Whatever you’ve heard about it, or seen about it in TV shows (like the infamous Gavin and Stacey), it’s difficult to ignore as a strong contender in the list of places jostling for attention in the county.

Things to Do in Billericay

The list of things to get up to in Billericay is similar to other areas of Essex, with a combination of historical and cultural attractions as well as green spaces galore. The high street is nothing short of bustling, with plenty of shops to keep shopaholics happy or top restaurants to treat your other half in.

On weekends or days off, why not explore one of the museums or take a walk in a local area of natural beauty? Or both! Some of the best activities in Billericay include:

  • Chelmsford Theatres: Great for live performances of all kinds.
  • Barleylands Farm Park: Get up close and personal with some adorable farm animals!
  • Norsey Wood Nature Reserve: A stunning 175 acres of woodland full of footpaths to explore.

 Bluebells in Norsey Wood Nature Reserve in Billericay, Essex.

Property in Billericay

To put it simply, when looking at housing in Essex, including Billericay, you’ll need to fork out a considerable amount of money to secure a large property. Like any town, there are more expensive and more affordable areas, so you’ll need to do your fair share of research to find the perfect area and property for you.

For those with a more generous budget, you might want to have a look at the area known as the “Golden Triangle”. This area is edged by Norsey Road, Little Norsey Road and Stock Road, and is filled with stunning detached houses, well-kept gardens and beautiful finishing touches. Outside of this area, you’ll find a wide range of types of property - whether you’re looking for a semi-detached family home or a more modest terraced option, with a variety of bedroom numbers available.

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Schools in Billericay

If you’re hoping to move to Billericay with your family, you’ll be pleased to hear that the town is near to some excellent schools. You’ll find some 26 primary schools, 5 secondary schools, and 4 sixth form colleges to cater to kids at any stage of their school careers. Included in these are Mayflower High School and The Pioneer School, both rated ‘outstanding’ and both great places to enjoy a school education.

 Birds-eye view of green fields in Essex.

Safety & Security

If one of your main concerns is safety when it comes to choosing a new place to live, particularly when moving out of London, Billericay is a great option. According to recent crime statistics, Billericay is actually the safest medium-sized town in the county, making it the perfect place to relocate for families or young professionals. 

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