Preparing Your Home for Christmas

14th December 2022

The festive season is one of the busiest times of the year, with presents to buy, friends and family to visit, food to prepare and a home to keep warm. Thankfully, careful planning can help relieve the unwanted stress that Christmas time can often bring. Here are our top tips for preparing your home for Christmas this Winter. 

1. Declutter

Before you deck any halls, it's important to start with a thorough declutter. Set aside a day to go through each room, arranging items into piles to keep, donate to charity, or throw away. As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t used an item in the last year, it is most likely a sign that you do not need it. Decluttering your home will help create more space for the important Christmas decor, and will make storage in the New Year a lot easier to manage. 

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Boxes in a storage room

2. Deep Clean

Now that your home is free from any unwanted clutter, it's time to start a thorough deep clean. Start by dusting all of the surfaces, and then hoover and mop all of the floors as you usually would. You can then polish everything with an anti-bacterial spray to get rid of any grime or germs that can often fester at this time of year. Having a clean base will make cleaning top-ups between Christmas and the New Year a little bit easier. 

3. Mark Your Calendar

Christmas time is incredibly busy. With work Christmas parties to attend, and friends and family to see, it’s important to mark your calendar with any important dates to ensure that you don’t forget your busy schedule. You can also use your calendar to mark down cut-off dates for present buying to ensure you have the right gift, for the right person, at the right time.

4. Wrap Early

The key to a stress-free Christmas lies in the preparation. Try buying presents as early as possible, and then wrap them either as you go, or in bulk. Then, store them all in a safe place either in your home or in a personal storage unit, keeping them secure in a box or sealed bag. Ensure that if you’re storing them in your home, they’re kept in a dry environment free of any dampness.

Christmas presents wrapped in paper

5. Be More Efficient

With the months getting colder and the cost of living crisis surging, preparing your home for Christmas goes beyond the fun decor. Check that all of your door and window seals are secure, and consider investing in some draft excluders. To feel extra cosy at Christmas, keep blankets on sofas and beds to keep yourself warm. 

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6. Decorate Outside

Make the exterior of your house sparkle with added Christmas wreaths and decorations. Christmas house lights will help to brighten up your outdoor space and will make your home feel warm and festive. You can even arrange some lanterns on your porch steps, or wrap garlands around your railings. 

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