Top 5 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

24th December 2021

With Christmas just around the corner, there is always a last minute dash to get food and decorations in preparation for the big day. We all want to make our homes look nice and festive in preparation for welcoming families over the holidays, but getting organised for Christmas can be a difficult task if you have a small space to decorate. That’s why we have put together a guide to help you get your home looking tidy and festive ready for guests this Christmas no matter what size space you have. Take a look at our guide of the top 5 Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces.

Make Space for Decoration

One of the common problems people have when decorating a small house for Christmas is that their home is already cluttered with their belongings so there’s not enough space for Christmas decorations. One of the first things that you should do before decorating is ensure that you have made space by tidying away items and decorations you don’t need during Christmas. We often get used to having things like the ironing board or hoover left in a corner but clearing these away can make room for much needed decorations. Tidying these items away into a spare bedroom or into a storage unit can make much more of your living space!

Lots of Fairy Lights

Another way that you can easily make any space feel festive and magical is to use lots of fairy lights to light up the room and avoid putting your main lights on to give more of a festive ambience. This is also a fairly cheap decoration idea as you can buy a string of hundreds of fairy lights from most DIY stores for an affordable cost. Consider hanging these around the ceiling where possible or along mantelpieces to give your living space a much more festive feel at Christmas. Of course, don’t forget to decorate the tree with lights!

Small Details Make a Difference

If you only have a small space to work with, the smallest details can make all of the difference to give your space a truly festive feel and look. Using small ornaments or choosing festive cutlery and plates for Christmas dinner can make all of the difference to make your home feel festive. Swapping out rugs and pillows for festive replacements can elevate your space without causing too much clutter and making the decorating feel overwhelming. Small touches can make your home feel very Christmassy without too much effort!

Decorate Your Door

One easy way to make your home feel more festive if you don’t have a lot of space is to decorate your front door, as this is the first thing people see! Add a wreath and other festive decorations to your front door so that people get a Christmas feel even before they walk through your door. You could even take this one step further with Christmas lights and decorations in your front garden or driveway. Some people have even taken to decorating the back garden with Christmas lights as it can add more joyful ambience while sitting down to eat your Christmas dinner.

Music & Candles

A final touch to add that extra bit of Christmas magic to a smaller space is to make sure you use Christmas candles and music to give a great atmosphere. Decorating a small house for Christmas isn’t just about the sights, but the sounds and smells too! Plenty of shops will be selling festive candles that have Christmas smells and can elevate your space, and don’t forget to get your Christmas playlist sorted. Spotify has a huge range of Christmas themed music from popular hits to festive Jazz, so there is a style to suit everyone.

These are just some top tips to help make your home feel that bit more like Christmas but we’re sure that you will have a wonderful time with family regardless of the decoration. If you are looking to make a bit more space or have family staying over, then why not consider short term storage over the festive period?