Your January Cleaning Checklist

21st January 2021

We all know the importance of a good spring clean, but what about a thorough January tidy? A mid-winter cleaning is important for many reasons. Firstly, winter weather can leave your home muddy, dusty and stuffy, and secondly it’s great for your mental health during the depths of winter to throw some efforts into a good old scrub. 

The objective of a January deep clean is to make sure you clear out the cobwebs, wipe away the worst of the winter muck and make the rest of winter a little more bearable. Read on for our January cleaning checklist. 

  1. Attack the mud

This time of year, with endless grey skies and plenty of rain, you’ve probably got more mud and dust around your home than you might realise. We’d suggest starting with your skirting boards and floors in high traffic areas, like the entrance hall and kitchen. Muddy shoes and boots can track in a lot of muck after a day out in the winter weather. Clean your skirting boards and floors, even working your way onto your porch or front step. Cleaning welcome mats will ensure that people can properly clean their shoes before entering the home. 

  1. Have a coat clearout

You might find that your coat hooks or hallway closets are brimming with coats and jackets. Throughout the season we tend to accumulate almost every coat we own to use at one point or another, but it’s always best to keep just a few accessible and pack the rest away to keep your hallway from feeling cluttered and overwhelming. 

  1. Take the time to organise

After the holidays, we sometimes are left with disorder in the home. We don’t always take the time to reorganise when taking down holiday decorations, and some people might still have stacks of gifts in various corners of the house that they haven’t yet found a home for. Take this opportunity to dive into the disorganised cupboards and corners of your home and put things right. Find homes for new items, make sure decorations are put back orderly, and have a general spruce up. 

  1. Tend to your houseplants

Houseplants can start to look a bit scraggly this time of year, and many of them have different needs during the winter months. Dust can accumulate quickly during the winter, so make sure you take the time to dust off the leaves of your plants so that they can get enough light and air. You should also check up on their required care and make sure you decrease or increase their watering as necessary. 

  1. Don’t forget the windows

To make sure you’re able to let in as much light as possible, it’s a good idea to clean both the inside and outside glass of your windows. Rain, wind and dust can easily disrupt the amount of light making its way into your home and a good clean will allow what little January light there is to make its way in! You should also take down your curtains for a good wash to rid them of dust and any stains. If you have blinds instead of curtains, take the time to give them a good dusting. 

Making sure your home feels tidy and bright during the winter months is a much needed boost at a typically dreary time of year. Plus, it’ll make that big spring clean that much easier!