Simple Spring Cleaning Ideas

10th March 2020

Flowers are blooming and new life is forming, which means that it's time for the dreaded deep spring clean. In this blog we break down how to clean your house quickly and effectively, to get your house sparkling. These simple hacks and methods will speed up the cleaning process, whilst helping you to get every part of your home clean. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore with our easy spring cleaning ideas!

Clean room by room

Cleaning room by room is the perfect way to go about the annual spring clean. Working by room is by far the most effective way to clean your home, as you can easily keep track of areas which will need the most attention. Simply make a list of the rooms you need to approach, and work down the list after completing each space. When cleaning each room, it is important to work to a schedule to ensure that all areas are evenly covered. Here are 5 simple 10-minute steps you can follow for each room.

  1. Dust - The first step to cleaning your room is to thoroughly dust all open surfaces. 

  2. Clean doors and windows - Use a microfiber cloth with water to remove any fingerprints and germs.

  3. Hoover - Hoover the floor of any dirt and dust.

  4. Upholstery - Clean upholstery by hoovering or washing anything that is dirty. You can also buy fabric spray to get your fabrics smelling fresh and amazing.

  5. Polish - Break out some furniture polish to give everything a beautiful shine.

Check each room off the list once cleaned, and work through accordingly. In no time you’ll have a house which is gleaming!

Clear the clutter

It's near impossible to deep clean a room that is filled with heavy clutter. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the natural spring urge to clear the clutter and create more space for new things. The key to a successful declutter is to sort items into categories, whether that be through away, store or keep. You may also decide to give your belongings to good causes or charity shops. If you are planning on storing your items in a personal self storage facility, try using our room size estimator to calculate the space you’ll need, or get a quote from us today! Once the clutter is gone, ensuring a deep clean will be easier than ever.

Create your own natural cleaner

If you're looking to ditch the disinfectants, we have the perfect recipe for your very own natural cleaning liquid. Here’s a great recipe from Clean My Space. Simply mix all of the following ingredients well in a bottle and spray onto granite, marble, appliances and your sink.

  • 180 ml water

  • 180 ml rubbing alcohol

  • 5 drops of essential oil

  • A squirt of some natural dish soap