Top Tips for Throwing the Best Housewarming Party

11th November 2019

If you’ve just moved into your new home, then you might be planning on throwing a housewarming party for your friends and family. However, if this is your first home or the first time you have had the space to throw a party, you might be wondering how best to do it. It can be a great way to get people over and people often bring a small gift which can save you some money in the first few months. We have some top tips that can help you throw the perfect housewarming party and when is the best time to get this organised.

How to Plan a Housewarming Party

If you are thinking about throwing a housewarming party, then you will need to make sure you plan this thoroughly in advance. The key to any good party is planning and making sure that you are prepared for the number of people in your home. There are three top tips when it comes to how to plan a housewarming party that you should always remember below;

  • Create a Guest List: one of the first things that you should do when planning a housewarming party is work out who you are going to invite. This will give you an idea about how many people you might have coming to your home.
  • Set a Date for the Party: once you have decided who you plan to invite, you should think about setting a date. Make sure you wait a few weeks after you have actually moved in to allow yourself time to settle in.
  • Choose a Theme: it can be helpful to choose a theme for your housewarming party, such as stock the bar or gardening, and your guests can then give a helping hand to get your new property clean and tidy.

Think About the Size of Your Home

One thing that you will have to consider when organising a housewarming party is the size of your home and how many people you can actually host. You will no doubt have a lot of friends and family wanting to come round and visit your new home but might not have room for them all at once. A great way to get around this is to host an open house event with a large time span so you can accommodate all of your guests. You could run an open house event from midday to 7pm or later and invite people to come round at any time. This means the arrival times of your guests are more likely to be spread throughout the day and you won't have too many people in your home at one time.

Organise Refreshments and Food

If your guests are coming to a housewarming party, they will no doubt expect some refreshments and food. In order to avoid any undue stress on the day of your event, make sure that you plan some simple food and snacks such as sandwiches and a cold buffet. This way your guests won’t go hungry but you won't have the stress of cooking or preparing food at the same time as entertaining all of your guests. But it can also be a good idea to let your guests know that you are doing for food and refreshments in the invite, or even ask them to bring something along. If they know there are refreshments they might also be more likely to bring a small gift along.

After all of this planning, you should now be ready to host a housewarming party. This doesn’t take much organising and is quite straightforward to do but just a little bit of planning beforehand can help to make sure you don’t have a chaotic event.