Top 5 Instagram Accounts For Home Decor | Make Space

31st January 2022

The New Year presents the perfect opportunity to give your home an interior facelift. But how do you figure out exactly how your home update should look? Sometimes deciding on your home decor project can be overwhelming, and it can often seem that it's easier to keep things as they are. 

Instagram is the perfect platform for the inspiration you need. Whether you’re a fan of simple minimalism or traditional home styles, Instagram is a stellar source of information. With so many accounts out there, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect page for your home decor inspiration. 

To help you find the best accounts for your home decor, we’ve pulled a list together of the very best so that you can start applying your home decor dreams. Read our guide to the Top 5 Instagram Accounts For Home Decor to discover more.


If you’re looking for the perfect balance of simple and contemporary aesthetics, look no further than Fiona Gould’s page. Her current decor style delivers pure and clean taste, complimented with natural materials such as smooth marbles and solid woods. 


Pastels finished with touches of gold is a prominent theme on Randi Garrett’s Instagram page. Amongst bright white rooms, you'll find perfectly positioned pops of colour in the form of flowers, upholstery and small objects. This interior design style is the definition of elegant.

Sun Soul Style Interiors shares her boho-chic style on Instagram, promoting the use of an earthy colour palette to create a laidback living environment that’s still clean and sophisticated.


Interior designer Becky shares her neutral interior design style on her page, @rmw.home on Instagram. Tones of grey, white and brown are prominent features of her home decor, paired with sharp black notes to create definition. This interior design style is a particularly popular choice for 2022 home updates. 


Jonathan Adler uses a clear theme of ‘Modern American Glamour’ in his interior designs. Clever use of bright colours paired with contemporary furniture and upholstery is combined to create an array of inviting spaces - the perfect inspiration for any home decor upgrade!

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