Bedroom Organising Tips to Use Right Now

27th January 2021

There is no time better than the start of a new year to get yourself organised, and the same goes for your home too. Typical bedroom organising tips are easier said than done, and it can often seem that creating the perfect space can seem impossible. In this blog we focus on the best bedroom organising tips that focus on clearing your clutter, organising smaller spaces and creating the feeling of ultimate serenity in your bedroom. 

Make use of under your bed

If you desperately need a little extra storage space, look no further than under your bed. The space under your bed is not visible, but still accessible, making it the perfect area to store a few items. Try placing extra bedding, books, or bags in a box which will fit underneath. You can even invest in a handy rolling storage container to access your belongings.

Orgnaise your room in sections

Tackling your entire bedroom at once can be an overwhelming thought. Instead, divide the bedroom into a few smaller spaces, and focus on each one to break up the organising process. For example, organise your wardrobe first, and then move to the dresser as your second project. Placing all of your attention onto singular parts of your bedroom will mean that you get the job done properly, and can declutter and organise storage space at the same time. It will also make the task seem much more manageable.

Think like a minimalist 

Much of what is sold to us as bedroom furniture isn't always necessarily. While vanity tables and bed foot benches may look visually appealing, bulky items can often take up too much room. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, think like a minimalist and only include the essentials. All you really need in your bedroom (besides the bed) is a bedside table and a place to store your clothes. 

Declutter drawers and wardrobes

We’re all guilty of cluttering up our drawers, whether that be just in the bedroom or anywhere else in the house for that matter. Not only are cluttered drawers and wardrobes unsightly, but it can also take you longer getting ready in the morning when trying to look for your clothes. Reduce the unnecessary tension by decluttering your clothing storage areas. 

Firstly, take everything out of your wardrobe and drawers. Go through all of your clothes and sort them into piles of things to keep, donate, store and throw out. If you're still struggling for space, consider keeping seasonal clothes in a storage unit until it is time to wear them. After all, when are you going to need sunglasses in January? 

Add some artwork

Whilst hanging some nice paintings on the wall won't eliminate your clutter, it will most certainly make your room appear more put together. Hanging artwork on the wall will create a more streamlined appeal in your bedroom, and is great for brightening up plain walls.

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