Tips for Storing Shoes

3rd September 2021

With items that you use every day, like pairs of shoes, it can be easy to let your storage system get out of practice. Piling up your most-used favourite shoes by the front door can be harmful to the materials and leave them looking dirty and misshapen. In some cases, shoes can begin to grow mould if the conditions are poor enough! It’s important to take great care of your shoes, especially your favourite pairs, so that they last longer, look great and save you money! A great storage solution in your home can even improve the look of your porch or bedroom. Read our helpful guide on how to store your shoes.

Before you store

The first step in enforcing a new storage system is to give your shoes some TLC. Exactly how you care for your shoes will depend on their materials - for leather shoes, you can use leather polish, whereas for canvas shoes you might even be able to clean them in the washing machine. Make sure to check each pair’s care instructions first. For sports and hiking shoes, make sure to remove as much mud and dirt from the sides and soles of the shoes as possible. For canvas shoes or pairs that can crease easily, it might even be worth using tissue paper or shoe-horns to help shoes keep their shape while they aren’t being worn.


Now it’s time for some organisation. This doesn’t mean that you need to sort each pair by occasion, though this might be something you want to do. In terms of storage, the important question to ask is “how often will you wear them?”. You will have shoes that you wear every day, pairs you wear a couple of times a week, maybe less often, and some shoes you might save for special occasions. How often you need to access a pair of shoes will affect the way you store them. 

This is also a great opportunity to take stock. There might be shoes you had forgotten you had or that you realise you don’t like or need anymore. For shoes you have no use for anymore, selling them can make you a little cash while giving your shoes more life. For tips on selling your stuff online, check out our blog.

Storage materials

Now that you have different categories, it’s time to assess your storage materials. If you have an existing shore rack or shelf that has done a good job of protecting your shoes, there is no need to spend more money on an alternative. If you don’t have one, however, investing in a sturdy, wooden shoe tree or shelf with sections for each pair is a great idea. You can choose the right option for you, accounting for how many shoes you will need to be accessible and also what will fit your space, style and budget. 

A shoe tree or shelving unit can be used to store the shoes that you use regularly or will need to access more often. For shoes or boots that are less frequently part of your wardrobe, other long-term storage solutions are possible. For more delicate shoes, wrapping them in tissue paper or fabric will prevent damage while storing shoes for longer periods. For these pairs, we recommend finding protective boxes to store each pair in a loft or other less accessible space, such as a storage unit. Clear plastic is perfect, as you can view which pair is which easily. If clear plastic is not available, labelling the boxes will allow for easy and quick access to what you need when the time comes. 

If you are concerned about the quality of your storage materials, we can help. We offer a range of professional packing boxes and protective materials available for order today.

Storage locations

An important factor in storing shoes, whether long or short term, is the location and conditions of the storage. Whether you will be accessing them on rare or regular occasions, it’s important to keep your shoes and boots dry to prevent damage. Ensuring that they are kept at a constant temperature, preferably a medium room-temperature, will protect the materials from cracking or warping. 

If you have no location at home that fulfills all these requirements, why not consider self storage with Make Space? Our personal storage units are open 7 days a week for easy access in convenient locations and are temperature controlled to maintain the condition of your items. Contact us today to get a free quote for your storage needs today.