The Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations: Top 10

21st October 2022

Spooky season is officially here and it's time to start planning your Halloween decor. From simple pumpkins to terrifying unearthly scenes, Halloween displays set the perfect atmosphere for an evening of frightening fun.  Whether you’re decorating on a budget or keen to try something new, we’ve put together 10 of the best outdoor Halloween decorations so that you can send ghostly greetings to your neighbours and friends. 

1. Pumpkin patch

Pumpkins are iconic representations of Halloween, and they can be great fun for children and adults alike. Want to draw or paint faces on the pumpkins? Carve elaborate designs? Or simply create an assortment of different sizes, shapes and colours? A pumpkin patch display can be as simple or as complex as you like. A scattering of hay underneath your pumpkins will make a great finishing touch. 

When lighting the inside of carved pumpkins, we would recommend using an LED flameless candle to reduce the risk of fire.

If you want to make this Halloween display budget-friendly, why not think about planting some pumpkin seeds ready to grow your own for next year? If you’re keen to do this, make sure to plant seeds by May if you want them ready come October!

Halloween pumpkin patch display

2. Autumnal wreath 

Autumnal wreaths are an increasingly popular way of highlighting the season. Although this decoration doesn’t need to be jaw-droppingly frightening, there are many items you can add to customise your wreath and make your door look a little peculiar. Spiders, mini pumpkins, witch’s hats and spooky eyes… the possibilities are endless!

3. A witch’s potion

If you’re expecting a visit from trick-or-treaters, why not create an interactive witch's potion? Provide bottles of coloured water that can be poured into a large cauldron and allow visitors to stir the pot. You could even fill the cauldron with a variety of waterproof treats. This outdoor Halloween decoration not only looks great but is guaranteed to be remembered! For an extra wow factor, (safely) surround your cauldron with dry ice!

4. Spiders, spiders and more spiders

Thanks to their historical connection to witches, spiders are a great feature for outdoor Halloween decorations. Many shops with a Halloween offering will be selling fake cobwebs and plastic spiders of various sizes which can be draped around bushes, trees, lights and fences. 

 Plastic spiders and pretend cobwebs for Halloween

5. Window panes

Create a spooky design on your windows that will shock people from the outside. Window paints are easily removable and if you enjoy being artistic, this Halloween decoration is guaranteed to be a project you’ll love!

6. Garden graveyard

Novelty tombstones, often made from foam, are readily available in many stores in the UK during the Halloween season. These simple outdoor Halloween decorations will effectively turn your garden into a creepy burial ground.

Scattered plastic bones and skulls on the ground surrounding the graves will make this display extra creepy! 

Novelty tombstone for Halloween

7. Fright lights

From pumpkin string lights to eerie flickering lanterns, lights are a great addition to any outdoor Halloween decorations. With many people being more conscious of how much electricity is being used by their displays this year, why not think about using battery or solar-powered lights? 

8. Bats out of hell

Hanging bats are a great way to decorate your doors and windows, and they’re extremely easy to make! Using a variety of templates, cut bat shapes from black card and hang them from a string. Extremely easy and very effective! 

Hanging bat Halloween decorations

9. Zombie dolls 

You can turn old dolls or Barbies into creepy zombies with just a few simple items such as red nail varnish, makeup and some skinny bandages. Once you’ve finished with your creations, use them to line your garden path, fence or balcony. This display doesn’t need to cost a fortune - you can often pick up dolls from the charity shop or, if you have children, you may even have some lying around that are no longer played with. 

Zombie dolls lined up along a fence for Halloween

10. Sinister silhouettes

Plastic silhouettes make fantastic waterproof Halloween decorations that can be used year after year, and if you’re handy at DIY you can probably make them yourself. All you need is a template, some black acrylic and a jigsaw. Think ghosts, witches and maybe even a grim reaper. Place a light behind the silhouettes to make sure they look extra scary at night.  

Seasonal decorations can often be used over and over again to help you be more sustainable, but storing them away until the next time you need them can consume lots of valuable space. If you’re looking for a self storage solution that will enable you to keep hold of your displays and ornaments then you’ve come to the right place. Make Space Self Storage has convenient centres in East London, Essex and West Sussex where you can keep your seasonal decorations safe until it is time to display them again. Contact our friendly team to find out more about creating the space you need. 

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