The Benefits of Downsizing

10th September 2019

It’s a slow realisation that is sweeping the country, that bigger doesn’t always mean better. In all truth, downsizing to a smaller home actually gives you plenty of benefits! Whether you’ve made the choice yourself, or you are forced to move for a job relocation, here are 7 reasons to choose a smaller home for the move. 

1. Less Clutter

This may not seem like a benefit at first, but the concept of having to go through all of your things to throw them away – it hurts. But the benefits of decluttering are immense in their own right, such as lower stress, better focus, better diet, and more. 

Moving house always makes you re-evaluate why you own those three unusable baking trays, but downsizing makes you consider the value of each item even more. Keeping the things that are useful or very sentimental creates a curated home that brings you joy, not anxiety.

2. Limits Force Creativity

Again, you may be questioning why this is a good thing, but it’s true. When you have less furniture, each item becomes more deliberate and you have more control over the space. Splurge on fewer key pieces, spend some time coming up with creative organisational systems. Consider vertical organisation, pegboards, or hanging baskets. 

3. Simple

Downsizing means that you probably have less stuff, simplifying your life. Don’t worry so much about organisation, because your items are probably going to be used regularly. You don’t have to spend as long cleaning, or worrying about maintenance, or your furnishings, or any number of other things that come along with a larger property. A simpler lifestyle means that you’ll have more time, more peace, and more money.

4. Happiness

A smaller, simpler home filled with items that you love improves your mood. Smaller homes mean that families spend more time together in close quarters. This means less clutter, and therefore greater happiness. You will save money, which you can invest or spend on things you really want to do.

5. Money Saved

Don’t underestimate how much downsizing could save you. The cost of a smaller place tends to be cheaper than larger homes. Less space means you will be forced to have less things;  this means you are less likely to spend money on unnecessary items! 

Downsizing may also

  • Reduce your mortgage

  • Lower property tax

  • Lower property insurance

  • Reduce utility cost (less space to heat)

  • Reduce maintenance costs (less space to keep)

6. Energy Savings

Your utility bill will probably be reduced, due to the water savings and lower heating/cooling costs. This also means that you will lower your carbon footprint while lowering your energy bill! You could also consider adopting smaller energy-efficient appliances, or moving to a new renewable energy provider as you move house, which may provide even more long-term savings.

7. New Chapter

You may be moving or downsizing for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re looking to save money as you approach retirement, or all your children have grown up so there’s suddenly too much empty space in the house. 

Moving house doesn’t have to be the ending of something, but can be considered the start of a new chapter, with a new life, in a new home. Move to a house that brings enjoyment and reap the benefits!

If you’re looking at moving items but aren’t sure how, take a look at our blog for some advice. If you’re downsizing but you can’t fit it in the new house and you can’t throw it away, consider using self-storage.