Storage Hacks for Small Houses

17th November 2017

When looking for space in your household, sometimes it can be complicated. You want to keep that running machine you haven't used for 3 years, but it takes up half of a room and you need space for your new office. So you're stuck with the dilemma of does it stay or does it go?

Well, we're going to supply you with some facts that cancel out that question and helps you with keeping on top of your storage comfortably.

Hang It Up

A lot of storage space is taken up by goods that have been passed down from your relatives such as pictures, artwork or ornaments. Instead of just leaving these items tucked away in storage, you can clear them out and start distributing them around the house. Hang it up on the wall, place it on the mantlepiece or find somewhere in your home for it. If you still can't find somewhere for your belongings to go, then you might want to do one of the following two things.

Out with the Old

If you really need to create more space in your household, then it's time to realise that maybe you own a lot of products that just aren't needed. The first way you can create space is by looking through the old goods that you possess and any goods you find that are broken or useless. We are all guilty of keeping things that we don't need because they were expensive or have sentimental value.

Cash In

If you are reluctant to throw your belongings out because you think it might be worth something, then now might be the perfect time to cash in on your belongings. You might be surprised at the actual value your belongings can attract when you sell them. You might realise that you have antiques or items that are now collectables sitting around your home. You can look to sell your belongings online or take them to an auction.

Organise Your Belongings

One way that you can make room in your home without having to get rid or sell is by organising the belongings that you have. We often let our belongings pile up and the task seems unmanageable to try and sort through it. But by organising the things you have and putting them into boxes, you can actually save space and store them all in one central location. It will actually make it a lot easier to find what you are looking for when you need it.

If you still don't have enough space in your home, then you might want to consider self storage solutions. Make Space provide a wide range of storage options so that you can gain some space in your home again.