Storing Your Belongings During A Gap Year

16th September 2020

The gap year period is an exciting time for students to break from academics, explore new environments, and experiment with new roles. But what happens to your belongings during a gap year? A Lot can happen when you're gone, so it is really important to ensure that your items are kept safe and secure in the meantime. Here are some things you should know about storing your belongings during a gap year.

Self- storage

Taking a gap year will see you away for an extended period of time, so leaving your belongings unattended can be dangerous. However taking the items could be near impossible, considering that many students like far away from home. Although you could leave items with friends, it may be an inconvenience to them and could possibly cost you a precious friendship. Therefore the best solution is self storage. 

Self-storage units are flexible and convenient. Above all of this, self-storage units are safe and secure and will provide a temporary long or short term stay for your belongings. At Make Space, we have many benefits of storing with us at one of our four convenient warehouses:

  • No fixed term stay 

  • Open 7-days a week

  • 24hr monitored security

  • Various room sizes

  • Lowest price guarantee

Planning and packing 

Planning and packing can often be the trickiest part of storing your belongings during a gap year. It is important to start by working out which items need to be sorted. If you don't need or use a particular item, try selling it on an online auction site for some extra cash. Sites such as eBay and Depop are great for selling unwanted items. Once you have decided what needs to be packed, you will need to securely pack your items in the right containers. Packing your belongings correctly will prevent damage. You will need tools such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap. You can purchase these supplies at Make Space.

Things you shouldn't store

Whilst self-storage may be the best solution for your gap year, there are some items that you shouldn't be storing. Here are a few items that should not see their way into your unit:

  • Animals and pets

  • Illegal items

  • Highly flammable items

  • Plants

  • Food

Get a quote today 

So, if you want to go travelling without worrying about your belongings back at home, definitely look into a self storage option to facilitate your needs. Use our free and simple online quote tool to calculate a quick price for your move into storage. Get a quote today!