Keep your Collectibles and Make Space in your Home

26th June 2017

Collections have an undeniable charm – artworks, books, trinkets, statues… they all add a personal, stylish touch to a house. However, they can quickly get out of hand, and end up taking over every inch of our space. The choice between keeping our collectables and living a clutter-free life might be tough, but what if you didn’t have to take that decision at all? Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be able to take back control of your house, without letting go of your precious collectables.

Make a selection
Sometimes collections are so expensive, they become overwhelming. The best way to start taking back your space in your own home is by going through all your collectables and getting rid of the ones that are broken, damaged, or that you simply don’t like anymore. This way, your collection will still be there, only it will be significantly reduced, and it will be the crème de la crème. Remember that collections should be about things you truly love, so if you feel like you own some pieces that you no longer care about, avoid keeping them just for the sake of it. If you simply cannot let go of any of your items, feel free to ignore this tip, but making a selection of your collectables is definitely worth considering.

Use containers
If you have a collection of small objects, consider storing them in a glass jar rather than having them scattered around. This will make your house look more organised, saving you space as well as the trouble of cleaning your collectables. It will also add a creative and quirky touch to your collection!

Put your walls to a good use
If you collect artworks you’re probably already doing this, but we think your walls would be the perfect place for storing and displaying any kind of collection. Whatever you’re collecting, take it off your tabletop and hang it up on your walls to free up a lot of space and give a unique and original look to your house. If your collectables are stamps, postcards, or anything of the sort, frame them and hang them up as if they were a traditional artwork. If there’s really no way you could possibly display your collection on a wall, simply put up a floating shelf, and arrange it on there.

Choose self storage
If you still feel like your collectables are taking over your house but simply cannot get rid of any of them, you might want to consider self storage. You can store your items with us for as long or as little as you like, and our 24h surveillance means you will have total peace of mind. Get a quote now!