Keep The Kids Busy Over The Holidays With Cardboard Upcycling

27th November 2020

The Christmas holidays are approaching, and that means gift shopping, food and preparing for family to arrive. But with all this comes with intense periods of prolonged exposure to the children off school. Whilst for many this means an extra hour in bed in the morning, for some it can be the start of a long couple of weeks of entertaining. We’re here to show how a few simple items around the house can keep your children entertained for hours, meaning you can spend your time preparing for the special day itself. Here are some of our cardboard upcycling ideas to keep the kids busy over the holidays. 

Cardboard Fort

This idea will endear to children of any ages, and even some parents too! We can't tell you the right way to build the ultimate cardboard fort, however, we have a few ideas to help you out:

The Beginner Fort - This fort is perfect for children who are a little younger or perhaps find cardboard construction a bit of a challenge. Simply take the largest box you have and cut out a small entrance and perhaps a miniature window or two. 

The Amauteur Fort - This fort is ideal for children who want something a little more complex but still not too difficult. Try putting two large cardboard boxes together with tape, and then cut out shaped for a roof and windows. Again, cut a door but this time one that opens.

The Professional Fort - This fort is for the professionals! If you have a child that needs hours of entertainment, this is the perfect fort for them to try. Use several cardboard boxes to assemble your very own pirate ship or princess castle. Score extra points by separating your fort by rooms to make it truly unique. If you like, experiment with paint to add a splash of colour to the fort. 

All that you will need for these forts are scissors, tape and cardboard boxes. Remember, it’s important to always assist your children when they are handling scissors. 

Create Art

Why not recycle your cardboard boxes by letting the children paint on them? Using cardboard as a canvas will reduce your need for paper, and is also much more versatile. Your children can cut out shapes and use glue to create their very own 3D art. This is all about experimentation!

Create a home for pets

If you only have smaller boxes, it’s a great idea to upcycle by turning them into beds and homes for your pets. If you have a cat that likes to snuggle, try cutting the top off the box. Paint the outside of the box with a pet-friendly medium, and once dry, put in your cats favourite blanket. Now you have your very own comfy cat box!

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