How to Store the Most Popular Collectibles

29th November 2022

If you’re a collector, then you probably already know that pretty much anything and everything that exists can become a collectible, and it can be difficult to know how best to keep them safe from damage. Aside from the challenge of preserving your collectibles and maintaining their condition, you may also begin to battle with storage space. Whilst some of these items are small and in minimal volumes - won’t take up too much room, larger items and larger quantities can quickly cause an issue. Read on to find out more about how best to store some of the most popular collectables. 

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How to store a coin collection

Although it can be tempting to store coins in jars or plastic bags, this is not adequate protection from damage such as corrosion and dark toning. Some of the most popular storage solutions for coins which will allow you to preserve them include individual coin holders, coin-collecting folders and albums. These products tend to allocate a specific amount of space to each coin and allow you to see the coins without removing them from the protection of their storage, thus limiting the risk of damage from regular handling. 

Coins alone don’t tend to take up too much space. But when stored correctly in holders and albums, you will find that the pressure to find storage space increases. 

How to store collectable toys

Collectable toys come in various forms, from Barbie dolls and accessories to model cars such as Hot Wheels. Where possible, all collectable toys should be kept in their original packaging. Not only does this help them to hold their monetary value, but it will also offer a form of protection from the elements. 

It is often worthwhile to use a material such as bubble wrap to protect the packaging itself. You should then look to store the toys in a box, which will keep them dry and out of direct sunlight. 

a collection of colourful matchbox toy cars

How to store collectable comics 

A good collection of comic books can be worth thousands of pounds and have huge sentimental value too. However, storing them properly is key to preserving their worth. 

Although it can be tempting to pile your comic books horizontally, this method will put the comics at the bottom at risk of weight damage. Storing them upright is far better for their condition. Individual comics should be kept in acid-free folders and archived in a storage box. To keep your comics aligned, you can alternate them in the box by facing them front to back and back to front - this will allow you to evenly distribute the spines. 

How to store vinyl records

Like comic books, vinyl records should also be stored in an upright position inside a box. Inner sleeves, which are usually made of plastic, are designed to go between the record and the cardboard sleeve that the majority of records are sold in. Over time, the original cardboard sleeves can scratch your records, which is why inner sleeves are often recommended. 

If, as a collector, you enjoy listening to your records, you may find it more suitable to store them upright on a bookshelf. 

Collection of vinyl records on a shelf next to a black pair of headphones

Many of the collectibles listed above, alongside other items which you may be interested in collecting, are at risk of deterioration and damage from extremely high or low temperatures, direct sunlight and moisture.

Once your collectibles are properly organised in suitable containers, one of the best places to store them is a self storage room.  Not only does this mean that your precious items will be protected from the elements, but the additional security provided by alarms and 24-hour monitoring will dramatically reduce the risk of theft. 

If you’d like to find out more about why storage rooms are a great storage solution for collectibles, you can get in touch with the friendly team at Make Space, who can help you to understand the available options.