Best Storage Hacks of 2022

14th March 2022

The internet is packed full of handy tips and tricks in all areas of life. Little changes to save time and effort seem to be possible in everything we do, some of which we find more ridiculous than others. We often find things out that we can’t believe we haven’t been doing our whole lives! One major area where we can all improve is in storing our stuff.

Quick, simple, and inexpensive tips can help us all to save space around the home, in the bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen. Whether you love clever solutions or you’re after some storage hacks for small spaces, Make Space is here to help. Check out these must-try storage hacks for small spaces in 2022.

Under Desk Storage

You might be guilty of letting your desk get a little too overrun with papers and stationary during daily work tasks. In smaller houses and apartments, particularly rental spaces, you may not want to fill the floor space or take up desk area with bulky shelving units or file solutions. This is one of our favourite storage hacks for small spaces. With a few screws, a little cubby for documents, books, pens and more makes a great storage solution that is out of the way but still accessible. This can be purchased from companies such as boldmfg on Etsy, but could also easily be created using old file organisers or shelves.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Your most cluttered area, like so many other people, might be your wardrobe. Items can stack up so quickly we often don’t have time to sort out all our seasonal items. Vacuum storage bags are an excellent way of packing rarely used or out-of-season clothes out of the way and leave space for our favourite t-shirts, trousers, and accessories. Simply pack the clothes in the vacuum bag and either use your vacuum or pump to suck all the air out of the bag. Clothes remain protected, secure, but out of the way with this great storage hack.

Cupboard Door Organiser

Now for a little kitchen storage hack. An especially difficult thing to add if you’re renting a property is more shelving. This solution hangs over your cupboard door and leaves no trace while offering a much-needed extension to your kitchen storage. Mesh trays leave ample room for cleaning products, tea towels, and anything else your bulging cupboards can no longer house.

Still struggling to fit everything into your limited space? You can find more storage hacks for small kitchens in our blog.

Bedside Tidy

Bedroom storage doesn’t only mean clothes. We all need somewhere to put reading glasses, chargers, books, and other items we want next to us before we go to sleep or when we wake up. Smaller bedrooms or loft beds often don’t have this luxury, with no bedside table to speak of. This bedside caddy solution is wedged between your mattress and bed frame and offers a small pocket of storage for those vital objects. Inexpensive and available in many designs, it’s easy to find the one to suit you and your bedroom.

Self Storage

Though not new, self storage is ready to help you out this year. If you are having a Springtime declutter, completing some home improvements, or just finding that you’re constantly needing a little more space, self storage is the perfect solution. For as many or as few objects as you require, Make Space personal storage solutions are flexible and affordable, meaning you have complete security and control over your storage unit. Get a quote today and find out just how affordable our storage can be.