How to Move and Store Bulky Appliances

7th July 2017

Whether you’re renovating or moving to a new house, chances are you are going to have to deal with moving and storing your household appliances – a tricky process, if you don’t know exactly how to proceed. Appliances can be challenging to move, and need to be prepared for storage if you want to keep them in a good state. We have put together some tips that will make this challenging task go as smoothly as possible, and your house move or renovation stress-free – or nearly so.

1. Prepare in advance

If you want to make sure your appliances aren’t damaged in the moving process, make sure you prepare them for the move in advance. Unplug your fridge a couple of days before, drain any water and defrost your freezer, letting the ice melt without chipping away at it. Thoroughly clean your oven, and make sure to contact a professional if you it is gas powered. Clean your washing machine, leaving the door ajar for a couple of days before the move to let the inside of it dry. All cords should either be stored inside of the appliance, or taped to the side of it. They can also be padded with bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

2. Pack everything up

Wrap all your appliances in moving blankets or bubble wrap to prevent dents and scratches, and use tape to keep all doors closed. Always make sure you keep all your appliances upright during transport, and load them first, placing them at the back of the truck.

3. Once in the storage unit…

... make sure you remove the tape from the doors and leave them ajar to keep them ventilated and prevent mildew from growing inside of them. Avoid leaning heavy objects against glass panels, and if your appliance is placed at the back of the storage always allow some space between it and the wall. Cover them with sheets to prevent dust from settling over them while still allowing for ventilation.

If you are looking for a place to store your appliances until everything in your house is ready, we offer a wide range of personal storage rooms and unit sizes. Get in touch with us today, and we will help you find the perfect solution for you.