How to Do Good & Declutter Before Moving

27th May 2020

Moving into a new house presents the perfect opportunity for you to sort through all of your belongings, lightening your load for the move. It is important when moving house to have a thorough declutter, as fewer belongings will mean less to worry about, less to clean, and more space in the new property.

Going through your items before moving also gives you the perfect opportunity to identify items you could donate to local charities or drives. Charity shops all over the country rely on donations from people and it allows them to raise funds. If you're wondering how to do good and declutter for your big move, take a look at our useful tips to make the process a little easier.

Make a plan

Decluttering takes a lot of your time, so it is important that you start as soon as possible. Begin by writing down which areas of your home will need the most of your attention. It is often a sensible idea to work through each room, starting with the biggest and then working your way around. Make enough space in your diary to create regular decluttering sessions. Decluttering regularly will help you get the job done quicker! If you find yourself needing a hand, reach out to others who will be prepared to help. 

Get your supplies

When decluttering for the move, you will most certainly need an abundance of supplies to help you along the way. Think bags, boxes and labels to help you categorise items along the way. When arranging items into bags and boxes, we suggest following the following basic rule. You need go decide whether you wish to:

  • Keep

  • Store

  • Sell

  • Donate

  • Discard

It is important to be strict with yourself when decluttering, try not to hoard items you rarely use! If you find that some of your belongings are seasonal, i.e. Christmas decorations, winter clothes, suitcases, you may wish to store them in a self storage unit. If you're interested, take a look at our wide range of secure storage units today.

One of the areas that’s often overlooked when decluttering is the type of items that are ideal to donate to charities. When you’re working through your items, make sure you have a few boxes or bags available that you can fill up with items you can take to a charity shop at a later date. 



One of the quickest wins when decluttering is to get rid of unwanted furniture. Be sure to have note of the measurements of your new property, so you can calculate which items can fit into each room. There are many websites you can use to sell unwanted furniture, such as Shpock, eBay or Gumtree. 

If you want to help a local charity and don’t want to spend the time listing a piece of furniture online to sell, arranging for a charity to collect the item is a great option. When thinking of donating a piece of furniture to a charity shop, make sure it’s still in good condition without obvious damage like stains or tears. You can always give the item a quick clean before it is collected or before you drop it at a local charity shop. 

Personal items

When potential buyers are viewing your house, it is important to create a warm welcoming space. Try to depersonalize your home, as this means potential buyers can start to visualise the home as theirs. When decluttering before the move, you may need to look over your sentimental items and decide where they should be stored in the future. Have you got a memory box you could use? Make sure that these items are in a good quality box, which is made out of a waterproof material to avoid dampness.


Start packing

Once you have spent some time sorting through your unwanted belongings, it's finally time to start packing in preparation for the big moving day. Start packing the items you don't use often, and then throughout the upcoming weeks pack the more essential items, so that you can access them easily. Be sure to add clear labels to these boxes, to ensure that you know the exact contents when moving.


Although moving home is a huge chapter in your life, there’s no need to add unnecessary stress to the process. It is important to get started early, and stick to a clear and consistent routine. Be strict with yourself when it comes to decluttering, and you will have more room than you know. It is also important to always ask for help when you need it, so don't put too much pressure on yourself.