Home Office Storage Options

20th April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to work from home, with some having to make do with a DIY home office. Creating a dedicated work space in your home can often prove difficult, especially when it comes to organisation. Regardless of whether you have space or not, organising your folders, digital files and stationery is key to productive working. Take a look at our home office storage tips, to help you make the most of your space whilst working from home.

Clear the clutter

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the best motto for your home office, so consider a thorough declutter. It is really important to ensure that your work space does not override your living space, so keep your belongings hidden away. Not only does clutter take up valuable space in your home office, but it can also prove to be relatively distracting. Consider walking around with a box, and fill it with things you don't use whilst working. Then, sort through these items and consider what you do and don't need. If you're struggling to find space for your belongings, perhaps consider investing in a personal self storage unit. Even if working from home is temporary, sometimes it's nice to have a little more room when you need it most. Why not get a personal quote from Make Space, today?

Get some storage boxes

The home office doesn't have to impact the rest of your home decor with this hack. Consider some trendy storage solutions in your home, so that your workspace does not look so different to the rest of your home. You can recycle wooden crates or storage trunks to hide clutter and small trinkets, which may be distracting you from your work. You can also store your office accessories and other items in here, so that your desk space is open and easy to work on. These boxes can be stored on shelving units or even under your desk, so that they don’t look out of place.


Staying on top of your admin is a challenge wherever you work, but even more so when you're at home. If you have paperwork, go through it at the start of each day and file it into sections. For example, these could be ‘done’, ‘to do’, and so on. Allocate a desk drawer for each section, or you can even take a look at some stylish desktop drawers, like the ones pictured below.

Cork wall

Pin boards are great for displaying, so why not create a giant one? Turn your wall into a big pin board by panelling large cork tiles. As opposed to piling paperwork on your desktop, why not pin it on the wall? This way you won't forget any outstanding work, and can be on top of your paperwork. Cork tiles are relatively cheap and can be found online or in some DIY shops.

Experiment with shelves

The humble shelving unit. It's great for storage, but doesnt always look so pretty. Experimenting with a few different shelving styles will add a splash of interest to your office space. Hexagonal shelves are a contemporary solution to storage, and will make your office look fresh and modern. If you're looking for something with maximum storage, why not go full width? Wall to wall shelving has great practicality and looks great if styled properly. The shelving options are endless!