The Best Home Office Ideas

29th January 2020

Working from is even more popular than it has ever been before, with the Office of National Statistics revealing that the number of UK employees working from home has increased by a quarter of a million over the last decade. There are many advantages of working from home, such as added flexibility and the ability to create a custom environment. If you are considering working remotely, it is important to have a private space in which you can focus and be productive. For some of the best home office ideas to make your office a place of bliss and concentration, read on!

Under the stairs

Reclaim the space under your stairs with a made to measure home office. Shelving can be easily made to fit the difficult spaces under the stairs, providing you with a nice space to stack books, files and your favourite items. This is a great solution for those that do not have a spare room or office space.

Garden office

Having a garden office is an efficient use of outdoor space. There is no hard rule on the optimum size of a garden office, they can measure as big or small as you like. There are many different styles of garden office that you can choose from, the most popular being a cabin style, modular style and timber style. An outdoor office is a great way to separate your work life from your home life when working remotely, so you can eliminate potential distractions and keep you focused. If you are keeping valuable monitors or files in your home office, be sure to secure your office properly. Install an alarm and ensure that all of your doors have sturdy locks. 

Feature wall

A wall planner or board is a great way to implement organisation into your home office. You can purchase blackboard stickers online at a reasonable price, meaning that you can write straight onto your wall without any damage. Having a large wall calendar encourages you to write upcoming events and dates, essentially making you more organised. This blackboard calendar wall sticker from Amazon is a great example. You can even make one yourself, by taking some masking tape and chalk paint to get started. 

Add some green

Green is the colour that projects movement and positivity, so why not get some in your home office? You don't need to colour your walls a bright shade of emerald, just simply add a few potted plants to your space or even have a green feature wall. Office plants have been proven to reduce levels of stress in your work environment, ultimately making employees feel happier in their job. So, what’s stopping you? 

Optimize your space

It is no news that organisation is key when it comes to work, and nobody likes a messy office, especially when it’s in your home. Make use of all space by purchasing shelves and units, so that books and files can be neatly stored. If you are struggling for space, perhaps consider putting some unused items in a self-storage unit. Here at Make Space, we have a wide range of units that can help you out.