5 Tips for Organising your Shed

30th July 2022

Sheds are a great place to store outdoor items, garden furniture, and tools, but they can quickly become cramped, cluttered and messy. Often, they are fairly small with limited amounts of space. These garden shed storage ideas and tips will help you to organise the contents of your shed and maximise the space you have available for storing your items. 

Inside of a shed with tools, chairs and gardening equipment


Before you can think about organising the contents of your garden shed, you should spend some time sorting everything out. Take all the contents and place them outside. Is there anything you don’t use any more than can be gifted or thrown away? Does anything need cleaning or repairing? Taking this step will help you to reduce any junk that is no longer used and ensure that everything you do keep is in good working order.


Once you know exactly what you have left to store, sort all of the items into categories such as paint, tools, garden furniture, and gardening equipment. Think about the items you will use most often and sort them separately so that you can ensure they are easily accessible. 

1. Use shelving 

Using heavy-duty shelving units is a great shed space-saving idea that will give you multiple levels of storage, on what would otherwise be a small amount of floor space. Shelving also allows you to keep items off of the floor, which will protect them from water damage in the event of a flood. If you can find adjustable shelving units then these are even better as you can move the shelves up or down to accommodate the items you want to put on them. 

2. Use racks for your hand tools

If you use your shed to store lots of tools such as spanners, screwdrivers and hammers, it’s a great idea to create or buy racks for them which you can then attach to the wall. 

Various tools organised inside a shed

3. Make use of ceiling space

If your shed is tall enough, attach some mounted racks to the ceiling to make use of overhead space that would otherwise be wasted. This can quickly almost double the surface area of the space you have. 

4. Use storage containers 

Storage containers are great to store various things such as Christmas decor, power tools, paint brushes, garden toys, etc. They can be stacked to make the most of the space and protect their contents from insects. If you do decide to use storage containers, make sure you label them properly or else you risk needing to dive through them all to find things. 

5. Build a log store 

If you are currently using your shed to store logs for your fire, you may find they’re taking up a lot of space - particularly during the warmer months when you aren’t using them up as quickly. A purpose-built log store will free up some additional space in your shed and give you a dedicated area to store them.

Bonus tip: If you currently store your hose pipe inside the shed, why not invest in a holder which you can attach to the exterior of the shed. 

If you have explored these garden shed storage ideas and are still struggling for space, why not consider the use of a storage facility? Get in touch with us to find out more about our storage units and rooms.