How Does Self Storage Work?

28th June 2021

We all have a little more in our homes than we really need, let’s be honest. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution. With self-storage you’re able to keep hold of those belongings you don’t need but can’t bring yourself to get rid of, it’s alright, we all have them. 

Unsure how it all works? Here’s our guide to self storage to help you out, whether your needs are personal, professional or just in need of that ‘extra space storage’, we have you covered.

Locate a Store 

First things first, find a store local to you. If you’re based within the South East, then we have a selection of 3 different stores in which you can choose from. 

All of our stores are open 7 days a week, with 24 hour access meaning that with a key you are able to access your unit at all times. 

Decide on Unit Size and Duration 

Next up, you’ll need to go through the process of deciding how large you’d want your storage unit to be and the duration of time you’d like to have your unit for. In fact there are no fixed term contracts, meaning you can stay for as little or as long as you like.

If you need some additional assistance with deciding on your unit size, then we have an easy-to-use online room estimator to demonstrate the amount you’ll be able to fit into each size. 

Reserve Your Unit

Once you have confirmed where, what size and for how long you want to keep your storage unit for you can then begin the process to reserve your unit. To do this you can either go through our online process, on phone, or by popping into one of our stores. Either way, we’ll have someone on hand to help you through the process. 

Packing Up & Transportation

We offer a range of different packing materials and accessories from boxes (cardboard or plastic) to bubble wrap, tape, shrink wrap and much more. If you need anything then you can simply call in and we’ll arrange for any items to be delivered to your home prior to the move, in addition you can always stop by one the stores for any advice on anything you might need or best way to pack certain items etc. 

In terms of transportation we offer a free van hire, making moving day that much more simpler. If you’re arranging your storage unit online, you can select the free van hire then to ensure that you don’t miss out. 

Let’s Move

When moving day arrives, come into the store and we’ll sort out all your paperwork for agreements, ensure to bring some identification otherwise we’ll be unable to confirm your reservation in store. Once this is sorted you’ll then be ready to move all of your belongings into storage. 

Once moved in, you can lock your room with your own padlock. Your room is now monitored 24 hours a day with access to the self storage unit as often as you need.

Get your quote today, whether your needs are personal or professional, we have the storage facility for you.