5 Reasons to Buy a Tiny House

30th August 2019

Tiny houses became really popular a few years ago, and they haven’t gone out of fashion since. So, if you’re considering moving out of the family house due to empty nest syndrome, or looking for a different way to live, consider moving into a tiny house.

You could build your own tiny house, hire someone to build it for you, or buy one, but however you secure one, a tiny house could be a benefit to your life for many reasons.

  1. Cost Saving

There are many different ways that you can save money by moving into or buying a tiny house. 

The initial cost of buying or building a tiny house is much less than buying a conventional house. It’s estimated to be 80% less expensive to live in a tiny home over a regular house, so you could spend some of that house deposit you’ve been saving!

If you’re building a tiny house yourself, the main costs to consider are materials and time, and if you use recycled materials that cost may go down even more! 

Tiny houses also reduce the cost of your bills thanks to lower energy requirements. You don’t need as much heating, electricity/gas, or water, which means more of your money can go into the bank. If you get a solar panel to fit on your roof, that cost will continue to go down.

The third reduction is slightly surprising, but a tiny house can actually result in lower maintenance costs. You don’t need to spend as much on cleaning supplies, or repairs, maintenance other costs that come along with having a larger home. 

  1. Time Saving

Living in a tiny house can save you not only money on maintenance, but also time. Because a tiny house as a much smaller footprint, you'll save time on sweeping and cleaning, decorating, maintenance and repairs. Living in a tiny house reduces the amount of time that you need to spend fixing things whilst increasing your comfort.

Stop worrying about the time you have to spend cleaning miles of guttering, and ensure your new leisure time instead! Running the hoover around will take only a fraction of the time that it does in a normal house, as will painting the trim, cleaning the windows and dusting. 

  1. Customisation

Most tiny houses are custom-built because a bespoke plan is required to meet the owner's individual needs. This provides the opportunity to create a home that caters to all your dreams and desires. Designing your space from the ground up provides a sense of freedom that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

A home with a small footprint allows you the chance to pay attention to even the smallest details, choosing exactly what you want for every aspect of the house. It's also very common for people to choose alternative or sustainable materials, focusing on ways to make their home extremely efficient.   

  1. Minimalism

Clutter is bad for you and can make for a stressful home. Most of us have too much stuff growing dusty in garages and attics. When you live in a tiny house, every inch of space is used to its maximum potential, and everything must have its place, otherwise, it takes up valuable room. This makes living in a tiny home a great way to make the best use of the space you have, ensuring you only have the items you'll really need. 

A lot of current tiny homeowners agree that getting rid of stuff that they never used and didn’t need in order to move into a tiny house increased their quality of life and happiness. 

  1. Travel

Living in a tiny home can aslo make it a lot easier to travel. Depending on the size of your tiny house, it could be hitched to your car or transferred by truck. This can allow you increased freedom to leave the bustle of the city and go on an adventure for as long as you like.

On top of this, the cost-saving opportunities of having a tiny home can allow you the opportunity to travel for long periods of time. You also have the option of letting your tiny home out through sites like Airbnb when you're away so you can earn even when you're not there.