5 Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

18th May 2023

Have you suddenly realised that your home has been overtaken by toys? For many of us, our living rooms are where we relax and unwind. But, sometimes the toy storage solutions aren’t working like they should and it isn’t always as simple as storing everything in your child’s bedroom. We’ve compiled a list of 5 easy ideas to make your toy storage work for you. 

1. Evaluate your Coffee Tablegrey boxes organised with toys inside on a wooden table

Utilising this piece of furniture has many perks: child-friendly and easily accessible. There are a few ways to maximise your toy storage with a coffee table. For coffee tables with open shelves, try using baskets and boxes to keep toys organised. This solution makes it easy for children to find what they want to play with and put them away once they're finished. 

If you are searching for a new coffee table, look for one with drawers. Depending on the size of your living room, you could opt for a coffee table with one, two or four drawers. This extra storage space can be put to good use. 

2. Consider Sofa Storage 

Sofas tend to be the biggest piece of furniture in our living rooms, so finding a sofa with storage is an excellent option. It offers storage where space would usually go unused. You can choose to have to lift lids or drawers. No matter which option, most come with a large space under the seating; ideal for storing longer but flat toys, board games and instruments. Best of all, it keeps everything hidden to keep your living room looking clutter-free and organised. 

3. Include an Ottoman

Ottomans are an ideal storage solution if you only have a small amount of space but don’t want to replace a large piece of furniture. These storage trunks are great as a toy bin and double up as a footrest. They come in different sizes and heights; which makes it easy to choose the right one to fill up with toys and pop the lid on. Because of their compact size, choosing an ottoman is an easy way to add extra storage space for flats and small houses.
Mother and daughter tidying up wooden toys into a wicker basket

4. Maximise on Baskets

Baskets are a cost-effective but efficient way to store toys. They are brilliant to use anywhere in the house to hide clutter. In living rooms, they can be placed on any open shelving, in corners or under seating. They are easy to fill with toys, books and more while maintaining your interior aesthetics. By adding baskets to your living room, children can tidy their toys away themselves and help keep your home organised. To be extra organised, label each basket with the contents. Labelling makes it easier to find where things are kept.

5. Build a Multi-Functional Window Seat

window seat with pink cushions and two drawers

Finding a storage solution for your living room that works can be tricky. However, looking to make spaces and furniture multifunctional will make this easier. One option is to create a window seat. Finding an area under a window to build drawers and shelves offers storage and gives your children somewhere to read and play.

Are you finding that you consistently run out of storage in your home? If you find yourself struggling to organise, it may be worth considering a personal self-storage unit. There are many reasons why you might choose to store toys instead of donating them; they may hold important memories or you may wish to store them for future generations. At Make Space, we understand this struggle, which is why we offer fully flexible storage options.