Organisation Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

25th May 2018

There’s no denying it – kids accumulate a lot of stuff. From school projects to toys, treasured rock collections, books and many gifts from family, you might find that your young child is already outgrowing the space in their room. Despite the fact that children’s bedrooms are typically quite small, they tend to keep a lot more things in their room than adults, which can make organising a child’s room rather difficult.

With all of their belongings and all the imaginative play that occurs in a child’s bedroom, it can seem impossible to keep everything organised. But by making just a few changes and introducing a few organisational measures, you can make the most of the space in your child’s room, and get them on board with keeping things in order. Here, we share a few ideas for getting your child’s room organised.

Have a Clear Out

As when organising any room in your home, the best place to start is with having a clear out. It can be tricky getting a child on board with giving up some of their belongings, but it’s necessary for the process of organising the space. If you approach your child in the right way about having a bedroom clear out, you can make it a positive experience for them.

One great way to get a child interested in cleansing their space is to have them think about others that could benefit from their unused items. Choosing items to donate to charities and explaining to your child that they will be helping others can give your child a sense of achievement. Another way to get your child excited about having a clear out is going to a boot fair. Make the clear out a household one and have your child fill a box or two of items from their room that they are willing to part with. Then, after the boot fair, your child can keep the money they earn for the items they sold.

Invest in Shelves

Shelves are an excellent way to make use of vertical space – and in a kid’s bedroom, you need to make use of all the space you can. Bookcases or wall-mounted shelves make the perfect space to store items like books and special gifts they have received. It’s also an excellent place to display any objects they collect.

Mounted shelves, in particular, are an excellent way to free up floor space in your child’s room. Not only are you getting items off the floor that might be carelessly left there by your child, you’re also keeping floor space open which will make the room look bigger and cleaner. The bonus of more floor space in your child’s bedroom means they also have more space to play!

Under the Bed

If your child thinks there’s a monster living under their bed, we know just how to take that fear away – use the space for organised storage instead! Children are notorious for hoarding and shoving items under their bed when “cleaning” their room, but by making proper use of the space under their bed you can prevent this and also keep the room organised.

Storage tubs and baskets can be placed under the bed to store toys and games, rendering a bulky toybox unnecessary, which goes further in keeping floorspace clear in the room.

Special Keepsakes

There are always going to be some special items that your child, and even you as their parent, won’t want to part with. But as your child grows, some items aren’t suitable to be kept in their bedroom anymore. Keepsakes like baby clothes or their favourite soft toys from their toddler years, and even all the cards they made in school, are items you’ll want to keep and cherish forever. But over the years, these items can accumulate, making it difficult to keep them in their room.

You also want to make sure that these items are stored safely to make sure that they are protected and not damaged. Items like these are ideal for storing away in the loft, or in your storage unit. This way, the items can be safely tucked away until you’re ready to take a stroll down memory lane by going through everything with your child.

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