5 Clever Utility Room Storage Ideas

30th September 2021

Utility rooms can be one of the most overlooked areas of the house. Because we don’t spend a lot of time in this area, we can forget how disorganised it can become. For many, the laundry room is a dumping ground and tends to be hidden from guests. But utility rooms don't have to be embarrassing. By revamping the way you organise your laundry items and appliances, you can transform your laundry room. Read our utility room storage ideas to create a tidier and more orderly utility space in your home.

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Open Shelving

Cupboards and drawers can be excellent for hiding clutter or cleaning products in your utility room. However, having open shelving to display items that need to be readily accessible can also be a great utility room storage idea. This will allow you to see what you own, what is running out, and what needs topping up. For smaller items, tubs or baskets can be a great way to keep them all together and allow you to access them all at once. Choosing lighter colours for shelving and storage baskets will help to create a larger, cleaner looking space.

Hanging Rail or Extendable Airer

It is worth considering having somewhere next to your laundry appliances to hang clothes to air or reduce creases. This could be in the form of a hanging rail or an extendable airer. Clothes can be hung up immediately rather than being carried through the house or having to wait while a clothes horse is set up. Reducing this time will also reduce the amount of ironing that is required - hanging shirts up immediately will let gravity take care of the creases. When not in use for drying clothes, hanging rails can be used for other things, such as winter clothing. For smaller spaces, investing in an extendable airer can save even more space in your utility room.

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Stacking Appliances

While this is a bigger change to a utility room, it can make a huge difference and is worth considering for utility rooms of all sizes. Stacking appliances on top of one another can save a whole cupboards’ worth of space giving you more room for storage of other objects, like detergents or laundry bags. For small spaces, this can be a huge benefit. Additionally, loading and unloading piles of laundry every week can cause real damage to backs, necks and arms. Having one appliance lifted off of the floor will allow easier loading of clothes which can ease the dread around laundry day. 

Vertical Storage

When thinking about utility room storage hacks, you should look for options where you have space, including wall space. Space above laundry machines is an easily accessible space and can be used for detergents and other items on shelving or hooks. In addition, doors should not be ignored. There is a huge amount of space on a door to be utilised by hanging baskets or hooks. No matter how small your space, there are storage opportunities to be found.