Storage Costs

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

There are a number of factors which can impact the cost of self storage, including location, the standard of the facility, level of security and ease of access. The price of self storage is often a key consideration when choosing a storage facility, and the question on many people’s mind is how much should I be paying? To help you understand the costs of self storage in the UK, we’ve put together a useful guide which covers self storage costs over the nation. 

The easiest way to learn about the costs of self storage units is to request a quote.  At Make Space you can do this online.  When getting a quote, you will be able to choose from a wide range of sizes using our Room Size Estimator tool, which provides a visual representation of how much you can store in each size. When getting a quote, you will also have to specify which storage location you are choosing and how long you require storage for. These factors will impact the overall cost of your storage. 

The below graph outlines the net rental rate per square foot, divided by region in the UK, with stats from the Self Storage Association



Net rental rate





Yorkshire & Humber


West Midlands & Wales


East Midlands


South West


South East




East England



These rental rates are the average and will vary between providers.

How Much is Local Storage?

Local storage costs are as low as £8 for a small storage unit but the price is dependent on how much you want to store and how long you want to store it. There are often discounts available to new customers for both short term and long term storage and for students.


Why do the prices of self storage differ?

As mentioned, there are various factors that can impact the cost of self storage. 


The size of the unit you rent will ultimately reflect in the price, as you are either taking up less or more floor space. It’s important to select the right size unit for your belongings, so always speak to an expert if you are unsure.  Most storage units are roughly 8ft high, so sensible stacking and good organisation of the unit reduces floor space and lowers the cost.


Much like property, self storage facilities located across the country can differ greatly in price. Self-storage warehouses located in populous cities, such as London and Manchester, tend to be much more expensive than warehouses located in less-populated areas. Whilst different companies offer different rental prices, this trend will be reflected across self-storage facilities in the UK. 

At Make Space, we provide self storage in Essex, London & West Sussex. Our store locations include Billericay, Horsham and Clapton.


Every facility offers different amenities, so you will need to research which ones suit your individual requirements. Self-storage with additional extras, such as 24-hour CCTV and 7 day accessibility, can cost you extra.  Other factors affect the price; for example a premium is usually charged for a unit on the ground floor and nearer the loading bays.

Additional costs to consider

In addition to the fee for the storage unit, you will need to budget for the following:

InsuranceMost reputable self storage providers require all customers to have insurance equal to the replacement cost of the goods being stored, for the duration of their stay.  Make Space can provide specific self-storage insurance cover for your goods.  The cost of the insurance depends on the value of cover and is invoiced with your storage fee’s so you don’t have to pay an annual premium.  If you would like an insurance quote, please contact your local Make Space.

Securing your unitYou will need a padlock to secure your unit.  For your convenience we can supply a good quality padlock, available from £10.95, or you can provide your own.

Moving cost - When you’re moving belongings into storage, you may wish to invest in a removals company to move your goods or hire a van and transport yourself.  Alternatively if you are storing with Make Space, you can use one of our hire vans for free.

Packing materialsBy using twin walled boxes you can stack higher to reduce floor space and save you money.  To keep your belongings in tip top condition, it’s a good idea to use sofa and mattress covers and to bubble-wrap fragile items.  Make Space sell a full range of packing supplies to meet all of your packing needs.

If you’re looking for self storage in Essex, London & West Sussex, get a quote from the team at Make Space today by using our Room Size Estimator tool.