Self Storage Insurance


We take every care to ensure your valuable items are safe and secure whilst in storage with us.  To ensure our customers goods are fully protected against perils outside of our control, such as fire and flood, we ask that every customer is fully insured for the duration of their storage.

Specific Self Storage Insurance

Our self storage insurance is designed specifically for items in storage facilities like ours.  Many home policies do not include storage cover and because our insurance is designed specifically for items in storage, it doesn’t affect the ‘no claims’ on your home insurance or claims you might make on your home insurance in the future. 

Getting the correct cover for you’re goods

Your quote will be based on the full replacement value of what you’re storing with us (which is why we can’t give you an insurance quote at the same time as your storage quote). For an estimate, add up the full replacement value of the items you are storing and call your local store.

Continuous cover for your belongings

Insurance taken out with Make Space is valid from the moment you put your items into storage, right up to the second you take them out of our storage rooms. Every customer at Make Space has to take out our storage insurance, so you’re fully covered if anyone else’s possessions cause harm to yours. For any more information regarding our self storage insurance policy, give your local branch a call, or send them an email at