Unusual Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

10th February 2022

Whether you’ve known your special someone for just a few months or what feels like a lifetime, Valentine’s Day is a lovely chance to show someone you care. While it may not warrant a very expensive gift or a grand gesture, you might be looking for the perfect unique gift for Valentine’s Day. And what says “I love you” like a handmade Valentine’s Day gift? If you’re a talented crafter or you have no time to run to the shops, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve! 

Sweet or Savoury Bouquet

Although this is an inexpensive gift, it could be the thought that counts with your loved ones. Find their favourite mug or glass (or even buy them a brand new one with a sweet message!) and you can have this finished in just a few minutes. Fill the receptacle with all their favourite goodies - sweets, lollies, crisps, anything that will make them smile - and there you have it! If you have any ribbon or a bow around the house, these will make an excellent final touch to a simple Valentine’s Day gift. For an extra special looking gift, choose a colour scheme to stick to with the arrangement, perhaps pink or red for a romantic look. 

Memory Box

For a more sentimental handmade Valentine’s Day gift, look no further. All you’ll need for this present idea is a pretty box, perhaps from an older Christmas or birthday gift. Add in pictures, keepsakes, or trinkets from important moments in your relationship, as little or as many as you have. This is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face without breaking the bank. The best part, you can keep adding to this box as your relationship grows! A gift that keeps on giving - priceless.

Home Spa

A little treat can go a long way. Partners, friends, flatmates, and even parents need some relaxation every now and then. Surprise them with an at-home spa experience! Dim the lights, light some candles, run them a bubble bath, and give them a little time to themselves. You can even join in the pampering with face masks or massages. This combines a thoughtful gift with some quality time spent together, which is what Valentine’s Day means to many of us.

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Jar of Hearts

Another simple gift for that special someone is a jar of hearts. Using an old jam jar or milk bottle you can create a never-ending barrage of love. Fill it with paper messages of all kinds, from love notes and date ideas to special memories and reminders. You can decorate the jar or bottle any way you like, with a paper label or twine/string wrapped and tied around the circumference. This is an entirely personalisable gift and can be added to for years to come. Keep your special person smiling all year round!

Credit: Kritsada Panichgul

Framed Valentine’s Quote

This is a great gift to brighten up a room around your loved one’s home. Using an old frame or a cheap one from a highstreet store, you can create a piece of art without the paint and brushes. With the glass facing downwards in the frame, place a photo of you and your special someone or a romantic quote, also facing downwards. To add to the composition, simply cut out hearts from different coloured paper, or print them out if you can, to fill the outside of the photo or quote. Then you can replace the back of the frame and check your work. 

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