Top 3 Tips to Secure your Home against Burglaries

9th February 2017

Making sure that your home and belongings are secure is top of many homeowners’ list of priorities. We are all keen to protect those items that we hold dearly, whether for financial or sentimental reasons. However, security systems can be an expensive way to protect your home and often seem like an extreme measure. That’s why we have come up with some simple tips to help you secure your home and work premises for the prevention of burglaries. This isn’t a conclusive solution but it should help to discourage potential burglaries.

Entry Points

It is important to consider the entry points to your home and places where a burglar might look to gain access. This is likely to be through windows, as doors are usually much more secure and harder to gain entry through. While it might be tempting to conceal the entry points, this could ultimately provide a shield for burglars, making it easier from them to go unseen; avoid large shrubs or trees close to your house or access points. Make sure that all of your windows are shut, and lock them when you're going away for longer than a couple of hours. And finally, keep your shed and/or garage locked; leaving these open could literally give a burglar the tools to break into your home!

Don’t Leave Things on Display

It is also important that you don’t leave things in plain sight for burglars to see as this can tempt a chancer into action. We’re not suggesting you hide things like TVs, as burglars would assume you had a TV anyway, but don't display items like laptops and other expensive tech. Another way to obscure items from view is by installing net curtains or blinds and making sure you close your curtains of a night. Without a clear idea of what valuable items you have in your home, burglars might think twice before attempting to break in.

Appearance is Important

Appearance can be particularly important when it comes to making your home more secure. Even if you don’t have high-tech security systems, making sure your home is well looked after is important as this can warn off burglars. With a house that looks a bit run-down with dirty windows or weeds in the driveway, you can give the impression that it’s not maintained and looked after well. This can make a home seem like an easier target as a burglar might assume that you are not bothered about security either. There are also small deterrents you can buy, such as a dummy siren, to make it appear as if you have a security system installed. Other things like outdoor motion-sensor lighting can also scare off any potential thieves.

Although these tips aren’t guaranteed to prevent burglars from breaking in, they go a long way to prevent them and discourage them from trying to gain access. It is also known that many burglars are opportunists and will only attempt to break into a home if they see an entry point that is easy to access and concealed. If you are still worried about keeping your most valuable items secure, then our self storage facilities provide the highest level of security, with 24/7 surveillance. Get in contact with Make Space if you are looking for self storage.