Tips for Newlyweds Moving in Together

25th June 2020

If you are a newlywed, then congratulations! You will more than likely be looking forward to living with your partner. It can still often be the case that newlyweds have never lived with each other for an extended period before getting married. Although that is changing in the modern-day, it can still be a new experience for many to move in with their partner after marriage. For this reason, you might be concerned that you will get in each other’s way and want to make sure you are happy living together. To help, we have put together some top tips for newlyweds moving in together, to make sure you’re as happy as you can be in your new home.

Make Time for Each Other

One of the most important things you will need to do when moving out together is continue to make sure you make time for each other. You will more than likely have busy schedules with work, friends and family commitments but you should still set aside time to spend with each other. Just because you now live together doesn’t mean that you should stop going on date nights or showing your partner affection. If you have been living on your own then you may have an evening routine, such as playing video games or watching TV, but make sure you also make time for your partner. That’s not to say that personal space isn’t important too, but you should work towards a balance.

Budgeting Your Finances

If you’ve been living apart before marriage, it is likely that you will be used to your own finances and spending habits, but you should change this once moving in with each other. You will now have bills to pay and should always keep some money aside for unexpected repairs or bills you might need to pay. But if you are both keeping to separate spending habits it can lead to a difficult financial situation or not having enough money for a holiday, for example. You should make sure you budget for bills and savings out of both your salaries and ensure you are not overspending. You can still keep separate bank accounts and spend money on yourself though, it is just important to again think about your partner and ensure you are budgeting correctly, especially for joint expenses to do with the home. 

Divide Up Household Chores

It is important that you have a discussion about what each other is going to do around the household to make sure chores are divided up evenly. You may have a routine on your own before moving out but it is important to make sure you are both supporting each other in the household if you both work. Split up jobs that you are happier doing, so one person might prefer the ironing while another might enjoy the cleaning (some people do). If only one of you works, or another works part time, then you might consider a different split of the responsibilities, but even in this case you should still try and support each other and chip in with the housework.

Appreciate Each Other

You should also make sure that you continue to show appreciation to your partner and thank them when they do help out. Even though the chores might be divided or you may have different splits on the bills, it is important to thank your partner for cleaning, or taking care of the bills or anything they do around the home. Not appreciating each other can leave your partner feeling unloved and lead to a bad atmosphere in the home. A little support can go a long way so it is important to remember to thank your partner for doing chores or tasks.

Give Yourself Some Space

It is often common that your first home will be something smaller when you start out, but that might mean you’re left with a lot of belongings and things that you don’t have room for. This can leave you short of space and end up cluttering your home. You could free up some of that space with self storage until you are settled in your new home. Take a look at our self storage options to see if they could help you free up some much needed space.