Small Garden Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

11th July 2019

If you have a small garden space, then it can seem like there isn’t a lot you can do to spruce it up. Your garden and shed might also be full up with furniture, leaving little space to work with. But just because you have a small garden doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look nice and spruce it up. There are plenty of ways that you can make the most of your small garden space. Here we have put together a guide with a few small garden ideas that can help transform your outdoor space.

Utilise Vertical Space

One of the best ways to make the most of your small garden is to utilise the vertical space that you have in your outdoor area. There are plenty of tall greenhouses that can help you to maximise your garden space and still grow plants and vegetables. You could also use tall outdoor shelving or greenhouses to store garden accessories or tools if you don’t have room for a shed. If you do plan on growing plants or vegetables, then make sure you choose ones that thrive in the shade.

Hang Up a Hammock

Hammocks are a great space saver as they provide a space to relax but can be easily taken down and put away when not needed. It is a great alternative to bulky furniture that is difficult to put away and store when you don’t need it. If you don’t have an ideal spot for a hammock, then look for foldable furniture that you can store easier than fixed pieces. You can also get a freestanding hammock too, although the frames can be bulky and take up a lot of space.

Shelving and Planters

Another great way to make more room in your garden is to make use of shelving and planters outdoors. This is a trick that we often use inside our home to make the most of our space but not many people think to do it outdoors. You can actually make a lot more of your outdoor space with shelving for your pots, decorations and anything else you might have. You don’t need to spend a fortune either, as timber and wrought iron brackets are inexpensive.

Brighten It Up With Colour

A great way to spruce up your outdoor space is to brighten it up with some splashes of colour. Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed with some carefully selected splashes of colour. Choose some colourful furniture which will act as a focal point in your garden rather than focusing on the size. You could also choose to paint one of your external walls or fences a bright colour to make your space look vibrant. There are now plenty of different colours and shades available in both masonry and fence paints that can help you achieve this look.

There are plenty more ways that you can spruce up a small garden space and these are just a few key examples. You should also make sure that you maintain your garden and it is always well kept as this can make your space seem bigger than it is. Also, make sure to opt for a minimal design with your flowerbeds and decorations to avoid overcrowding your space.