Self Storage Tips and Tricks

16th June 2021

Both long and short term storage solutions present the perfect opportunity to clear out your house of any clutter or items you rarely use. But when it comes to housing your belongings properly, packing a storage unit can be a challenge. To ensure that you make the very most of your storage space and to keep everything safe and secure, you’ll want to take extra precautions and measurements. We’ve put together 6 top  self storage tips and tricks on how to store like a professional;

  1. Decide on the size of the unit you will need for your belongings

  2. Label all of your boxes before putting them into a storage unit

  3. Take an inventory of all of your items when putting them into boxes

  4. Think about when you will likely need the items and pack strategically

  5. Carefully pack items with bubble wrap and protection for safe travel

  6. Don’t store any items that are of high monetary or sentimental value

Choosing a unit 

The first of our self storage tips is to choose the right unit for your needs. When you’re storing items, you’re putting your trust into a third party. Choose a company with a proven track record of reliability, by reading reviews and learning about their security methods. Ensure they have CCTV monitored premises as well as secure access.

The storage unit you choose ultimately depends on a number of factors:

  • How much you need to store

  • How long you need to store it for 

  • What you are storing

  • Your budget 

  • Location 

Start your search for storage early to avoid disappointment.

When putting your belongings into a storage unit, one of our best self storage tips is making sure you write an inventory of what you plan to store. This is helpful for a number of reasons. Firstly, having an inventory will allow you to calculate how much space you require. Whatsmore, you will be able to have a written record of what’s in there. You can use your inventory list to keep organised and ensure that everything is there.

At Make Space, we have a reliable Room Size Estimator Tool, which our customers use to calculate the size unit they need for their belongings. Take a look today if you’re still stuck on sizes. 

Packing your unit

Once you have booked the right size unit for your belongings, it’s time to fill your unit with your belongings. Here are some of our top self storage tips on packing your self storage unit:

  • Label boxes - When you opt to put some of your goods into storage, the chances are that you don’t intend on needing them for some time. Always label your boxes with the exact contents, so should you ever need particular items, you can easily locate the right box. It can be easy to forget what you’ve packed, so take the right precaution!

  • Pack strategically - Many people are so eager to store their belongings that they don’t consider packing their unit strategically. We recommend putting things you will rarely need at the back of your unit, with things you may need sooner closer to the front. Instead of crowding things across the bottom of your unit, take advantage of the height of the unit too. Remember to keep heavier items closer to the ground, with lighter items piled on top. 

  • Wrap everything properly - Take the necessary time to properly pack and wrap your belongings for their duration in storage. Furniture should be covered, with fragile items carefully wrapped in packing paper. Take a look at our wide range of packing materials if you need some. 

  • Don’t store perishables - Remember not to pack anything that could spoil. This includes foods and plants in particular. 

  • Ask for help - Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. If you are moving many items into storage, you should seek the help of a friend or company to help you out. This advice is particularly important if you are loading heavy items.