Reasons to Run Your Business From A Self Storage Unit

19th April 2017

When we think about self storage units, we often think about storing the junk that we don’t have space for at home. But self storage can be used for all kinds of purposes and isn’t just used to meet your personal needs anymore. Many businesses use self storage to store stock or even to run their entire operation and save money in the process. Retail space can be extremely expensive and many e-commerce businesses don’t need a physical store location that people can visit. Self storage can offer a wide range of benefits for many businesses and it is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Our blog offers some tips and describes the benefits of running a business from a self storage unit.

Benefits of Self Storage for Business

There are a number of benefits of self storage for running your business and a wide range of small businesses are now using storage units. It can be the perfect solution if you don’t need a physical location for people to visit, such as an ecommerce or mobile business. Whether you are a small start-up or a more established mail-order business,self storage can be perfect. It can also be ideal if you run a mobile business such as plumbing or mechanics. It can provide all kinds of benefits but some of the major benefits of self storage facilities include;

  • Flexibility; one of the biggest factors in businesses choosing to use self storage is the range of flexibility that it offers you as a business. You are not tied to the premises on a long term basis and you can easily decrease or increase the amount of space that you offer.
  • Reduced Costs; another huge factor in running your business from a self storage unit is the amount of money that you could save. There are no hidden costs such as heating or other bills that you have to pay and it is all included in the one price.
  • Security; keeping your stock secure is a major concern and is another major benefit with self storage. Make Space self storage provides state of the art security and monitors our storage units 24 hours a day.

Choosing a Self Storage Company

It is important that you assess your business needs when thinking about using self storage to run your business. Although it can be perfect for a large number of businesses it is not always ideal. If you need a space where potential clients can visit and meet with you then self storage might not be ideal. However, Make Space self storage also provides flexible office space that you can rent if you need to.  You might want to consider how you will get your stock to and from the storage unit as well, as this can be time-consuming. Luckily we have staff on hand to accept your goods and keep them securely stored. Your staff can also collect stock from your storage unit if needed, so you can use Make Space as a distribution hub to store your belongings.

If you are thinking about running your business from a self storage unit then Make Space can provide advice and guidance to help you decide whether it is right for you. We have great central locations in Essex and London to provide you with the perfect place to run your business. Get in touch with us today if you are thinking about self storage.