Make the Most of Your Garden This Spring

20th March 2020

Although you may not always realise it, the garden is an important space in our lives. The garden provides us with a space to relax and unwind, whilst enabling us to grow plants of our choice in front of our very eyes. Studies show that spending more time in the garden improves general well being, so what's stopping you getting your hands dirty in yours? There is no better time to embrace your inner green thumb than in Spring, so check out our top tips to help you make the most of your garden this season.

Feature pots

Pots are a must have in any garden, and are also the perfect solution for balconies. Stick to a single colour and carry this theme throughout all of your pots to create a nice colour palette in the garden. When it comes to potting your plants, select a good variety of both evergreen and seasonal plants. This will ensure that your potted plants don't completely go barren in the winter period. 

Grow some veggies

You can make the most of your garden space by attempting to grow some vegetables. Consider planting squash, beans and cucumber, which all vine. This essentially means that they take up minimal space in your garden. However, it is important to ensure that you are growing the correct vegetables at the right time of year. Spring is the perfect time to start growing carrots, lettuces, beans and courgettes, so take this into account when planning. Also consider where the sun hits throughout the day, as the amount of sunlight will greatly affect the growth of your plants.

Make the most of your shed

It’s time to give your garden shed a bit of an upgrade. Consider giving it a fresh new lick of paint. Pastel colours are a particularly good choice for spring, as they boast freshness. Another way to spruce up your garden shed is to add a flower box. Flower boxes are perfect if you have minimal ground space, and will instantly transform the exterior of your shed. Many of us often use our garden sheds as a storage space for things we don't use or old gardening equipment. Now is a great time to sort through all of this, being sure to keep things you use often and move/throw out things that you don't. If you are struggling to find enough room for your belongings, consider investing in self storage. We provide a number of sized units, ideal for fitting anything!


Investing in a nice, matching set of outside furniture will immediately make your garden space more appealing. Perhaps consider getting an outside dining table and chairs or even a ‘sofa’ style outside bench to use during the warmer months. This will not only look great, but will also encourage you to spend more time outside.