How to Make the Most of Your Storage Unit

1st January 2019

Even when you move into a bigger house with more storage than you had previously, you’ll probably find that before too long, you grow into the space and find yourself needing more again.

Having a storage unit can be a real lifesaver for keeping your home organised and allowing you the extra storage space you need. But just as it’s easy to let things slip at home, sometimes your storage unit can become disorganised. This is actually very counterproductive, because the more order you have in your storage unit, the more you can fit in it. Read on for helpful tips on how to make the most of your storage unit.

Have an Organisation System
Having a general blueprint for how your storage unit is laid out can help you keep the space organised, meaning you can make the most out of it. If you stick to a general organisation scheme of seasonal décor in one area, collectibles in another, furniture in yet another area, you will have a good idea of where the items you’re trying to retrieve are located. This will allow you to make the best use of the space, because everything will have its own designated space. It’s a widely known fact that neatly organised spaces allow you to fit in more items than disorganised ones.

Label Everything
Another simple fix that will help you locate items quickly and easily is to make sure that you label everything that is stored in boxes, storage containers, or wrapped up in cloths or sheets. Starting this process, and sticking to it, will ensure that your storage unit stays well organised. Knowing exactly where everything is enables you to stick to your organisation system and access every item you need quickly and without having to sift through unlabelled boxes

Make Use of Vertical Space
Remember, just because your storage unit is rental space, this doesn’t mean that you can’t customise it for your own uses. Setting up shelves in your storage unit will give you even more use of the space by making vertical space accessible. This allows you to store even more items, and using shelves enables you to keep everything organised further. Depending on the size of your storage unit and the shape, making use of vertical space can nearly double the available storage space in your unit.

Protect Your Belongings

Another way to make the most of your storage unit is to make sure that you are protecting your belongings by storing them properly. When packing fragile or valuable items away in boxes, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re using the appropriate packing materials, including sturdy boxes to make sure that your items do not get damaged. When stacking boxes, ensure that heavier, sturdier items are at the bottom and boxes containing fragile and breakable items are stacked on top. Cover furniture in cloths or wrap in paper to keep it from getting dusty, or even stuffed in the event that you need to shift items around in the unit when accessing other items or organising the unit.

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