How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

2nd July 2018

As the summer months arrive, the temperature is rising higher and higher and the heat makes its way into our homes, for this reason, it is necessary to take some measures to keep the temperature at home cooler.

It is important to know that the heat can cause aggravation of a wide range of medical conditions but also in healthy individuals, it can bring to psychological distress and heat stroke. The most vulnerable population in the hot temperatures are the elderly and children.

Therefore, a global approach is necessary to reduce the effects of extreme temperatures and educate the population about the risks provoked by the exposure to heat. (Kravchenko et al., 2013).

Here are a few tips that can help you keep your home cool this summer.

White Paint For Your Walls

White walls transmit purity and brightness ensuring a healthy environment. A light colour will help your walls stay cool decreasing the absorption of heat. Moreover, a fresh paint will also protect your home from moulds and insects.

Open Windows

Windows should be opened early in the morning and late in the evenings while during the hot hours they should remain closed in order to avoid the diffusion of warm air in our homes.

Window Screens or Net Curtains

The summer season brings with it many different types of insects, the best way to keep them away is to have screens over windows.

Air Conditioning or Fans

An Air Conditioner can be the perfect solution to refresh your home. Although if not properly regulated can also improve your chances to get a summer flue.

A second possibility that is definitely less expensive is the option of a fan, which ensures a continuous movement of the air in the house creating a natural cooler ambience.


Surrounding your house with trees and ivy planting will prevent your house from absorbing the heat. Moreover, it will make your garden’s look unique.

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