How To Keep Your Bedroom Warm

26th January 2022

When the temperatures drop in the UK, they can really take you by surprise. Even with the heating on, you might find that there’s one room in the house that just won’t warm up. Cranking up the thermostat might be one solution, but this could also crank your heating bills through the roof. With ever-rising electric and gas bills, you could be searching for some quick and affordable hacks to keep the heat in. Check out our simple and realistic guide on how to keep your cold bedroom warm.

Assess Your Radiators

If your radiator is on full and you’re still finding it difficult to keep your bedroom warm, there might be an issue with your radiator. If you are consistently not feeling the benefits of your bedroom radiator, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your heating. 

In some rooms, radiators are positioned behind furniture or away from where you are sitting or sleeping. Keeping the front of the appliance clear where possible will prevent heat being absorbed by the objects in your room. Instead, heat should disperse through your room and keep you warm. Even drying laundry in front of heaters can be a hindrance, so keep this in mind when organising your bedroom.

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Are you struggling to solve the mystery of your cold bedroom? It might be that heat being pumped out through your floors and radiators is being funnelled out of your bedroom by a crack in the walls, doors, skirting boards, or windows. You should assess all areas of your room to check for this possibility. Draft excluders can be great and affordable temporary solutions for any cracks you find under doors or on floors. In fact, you can even use towels and unused blankets to block drafts and keep your bedroom warm this winter.

When it comes to cracks in windows, you can even use leftover packing materials. Bubble wrap and other packaging layers are ideal for covering drafts when you’re awaiting more permanent solutions, while also reusing unwanted items around the house.

Shut Your Curtains

While you might be closing your curtains when you go up to bed, this might not be good enough. If you shut your curtains when the sun sets, which can be as early as 4 O’Clock in the middle of Winter, you’ll stand the best chance of keeping the most heat in. If your curtains are not doing their job at the moment, it might be a good idea to revamp your windows with some thermal or blackout curtains. These will prevent light and heat escaping through the glass, ensuring you are kept as insulated and warm as possible.

Soft Furnishings

Wooden or laminate flooring is an excellent option in summer. However, in Winter, it might be a hindrance to your heating. If this is the case in your bedroom, soft furnishings could make a world of difference. Adding blankets and rugs to your space will ensure that heat is kept inside the room as best as possible. In addition, you will also feel a lot cosier as you try to wind down before bed. 

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