How to Decorate Your Garden for Halloween

18th October 2021

Though costumes are important for Halloween, it can be great fun to spruce up your front driveway or garden with some scary Halloween decorations. The typical pumpkin faces may be a classic in your family. However, it might be time for some more exciting Halloween decorating ideas. We’ve put together some simple but effective decoration ideas that can involve the whole family and be made by hand! 

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Evil Eyes

There are a hundred and one ways to create an eerie atmosphere with lights on Halloween. Whether you create these yourself or buy from a store, these are particularly effective after dark. If you have a bush or a tree outside your front door, these are an excellent Halloween decorating idea. Cut out some evil eye shapes from black card and glue coloured tissue paper to cover the eyes. Ensure there is a light source behind to shine through and you have created some eyes peering through the undergrowth.

Creepy Cut-outs

You can even create a spooky sight without leaving the house. This is a great idea to get kids involved with the Halloween decorating ideas. Simply draw or cut out templates found online of spooky creatures - this can be anything from monsters to vampires, or anything else you can think of. Use small pieces of tape or blue tack to fix the cut-outs to windows, making sure a light source is on behind the cut-outs. These can even just be black silhouettes to create spooky shadows on the outside of your house. 

DIY Ghosts

No scary Halloween decorations are complete without a ghostly figure or two, and they couldn’t be easier to make! Whether you hang them from a porch, shed, or have them standing on your front lawn, they’re sure to make an impact, especially when the evening draws in and it becomes darker. Use sticks, wire, or even balls to create the shape of a figure, however you want them to look. Then grab some kind of white material - this can be old bed sheets, net curtains, or white plastic bags. Wrap your ghost stands with the white material, making sure nothing on the inside is visible. This is an inexpensive way to add some spookiness to your front garden for the trick-or-treaters.

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Giant Spider’s Web

If you have some string or an old football goal around the house, you can transform your front porch, garden, or driveway into a spider’s nest. Creating a tangle of string or rope across the space can be quite the spooky spectacle, or you can source some fake spider web from a Halloween or craft shop. You can even add a giant spider to the scene, or even some smaller ones - spiders are simple to make with plates and pipe cleaners but can also be bought from the store around Halloween. Additions like spiders’ eggs and other dead insects can make your Halloween decorations look even scarier.

Zombie Hands

Whether made from Paper Mache, wire, or plastic, hands are a subtle but scary addition to any Halloween scene. This is one of the most versatile Halloween decorating ideas because they can be placed anywhere - stick them in lawns, plant pots, or even trees to give the impression of a Zombie infestation. They also look very effective holding lamps or sweets outside the front of houses. Make sure they’ve got a green tinge to them, or even covered in scratches.

Crime Scene

With some fake crime scene tape and some fake blood stains, your front driveway can become a crime scene. Blood stains can be created with stickers, fake blood, or even red watercolour paint - make sure that it can be removed afterwards! To add to the illusion, a gravestone or a chalk outline of a body are both great inexpensive DIY creations. When trick-or-treaters come knocking, you could even wear a murderous costume to add to the Halloween illusion.

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