How to Declutter and Make Space in Your Home

20th December 2016

Whether you have a few unwanted items lying around, or your obsession is getting close to hoarder level, it’s likely that you have some clutter in your home that you want to get rid of. We are all somewhat guilty of holding onto our belongings for longer than we should do and this means our garage or loft spaces are often cluttered with our items. This is a shame as space could often be utilised for something else but instead, it is wasted. It can also be difficult to get rid of the clutter once it starts to build up. We have some top tips that could help you declutter and make space in your home.

Create a list of essentials

One of the best ways to start the decluttering process is to make a list of essentials that you can’t live without. It is advisable that you don’t do this sat in your living room, or even your house, as you might end up adding items to the list that are not essential. Doing this outside of your home can put things in perspective as you don’t have the items right in front of you. Another good way to approach this is to think about what you would need to replace if you lost everything, in a fire for example. This way you will be thinking about the essential items that you need and will forget about some of the other items you have in your home. Upon returning, you may find you have plenty of items that are not essential.

Small focused sessions

Trying to get rid of all your clutter at once can be a nightmare. You will have to set aside a lot of time to do it and you may run out of time. This can make the task seem impossible and lead to you not getting rid of all the clutter. But if you choose to approach the clutter in small bursts instead, it can lead to a much more effective process. Work out a plan of the rooms and spaces that you want to declutter and approach one space at a time. This way you don’t need to set aside so much time and you can clear the clutter more efficiently. Look at it as a process and set some goals for when you want to clear the rooms by. Approaching things one space at a time and keeping track can mean that you will end up getting rid of more and creating a lot more space.

Utility over sentimental value

When you’ve had your belongings for a long time they can hold a sentimental value that clouds your judgement. It is easy to get attached to our belongings and overlook the fact that they are not really that useful anymore. Some items you may have saved up for a long time to buy, but you now don’t have any use for them anymore. You should ask yourself what use the item has and whether it does something that another item doesn’t do. You should also consider how often you actually use an item too, as although it might be useful, you may not actually use it that much. You are also likely to have plenty of sentimental items such as photos, where you can’t actually consider utility. You should set these sentimental items aside so that you can work out what to do with them.

Save your memories

All of your belongings with sentimental value can hold a lot of memories that you don’t want to simply throw away. But they can also take up a lot of space in your home and be holding you back from making use of the space. You don’t have to get rid of all your belongings and memories just to make space, though. There are ways that you can still keep hold of some of your possessions without using up all of the space. Make use of your digital sphere and scan photos or documents into your computer. By digitising these things, you could actually save a great deal of space in your home. You could also stand to make some money from the rest of your belongings that are not needed anymore. Even though they may have some sentimental value, you could sell them to someone that is actually in need of the item, rather than simply throwing it away.

If you still have clutter than you simply can’t bear to part with, then you might want to consider self-storage options. This can be an ideal solution as it allows you to gain some extra room in your home without having to get rid of all your treasured belongings. It isn’t as expensive as you might think either so you can really make a difference in your home. Make sure you get in touch with Make Space today if you are looking for self storage.